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Republic Political System is the Dream of the Afghan People. Part (#2)


Republic Political System is the Dream  of the Afghan People. Part (#2)

Another specialized value of Republic system is progress and development, as it believes to modernization, reconstruction as well as republicans are civilized people, they are responsible for the coming Afghanistan. They can transfer this country from a traditional society to industrial one.  Industrialism is a way of life that includes thoughtful economic, social, political, and cultural changes. But, Emirate system is a failed structure; its values are utterly opposite of civilization and its supporters are not modern thinkers - they are backward and peripheral groups of the country.  In other words, they are entropy, barbarity, rudeness, or animal-like behavior.  Their main problem is - they are motivated to fundamentalism, as well as they do not have faith in to any article of universal human rights declaration/or values - for they are against progress and changes.
The second reason is advancement. In the world context, civilization is generally an advanced stage of society that has laws, culture, a regular way of getting food and protecting the people as well as a system of government like elections.  All civilizations accept as true to freedom of speech, for the reason that freedom lets people store and build up knowledge, advance state of intellectual, cultural, and material development in human society. Civilization lead to modernization in final stage.   In Afghanistan setting, modernization can happen through defined vision, which can be ‚humanity’s well-being, and proposed mission that is dealing with progress in the direction of some macro goals such as the eradication of poverty, the provision of employment, the reduction of inequality and the guarantee of human rights in its territory. Nonetheless, by supporting republic system - the peace loving people of Afghanistan would help themselves realize their aspirations for a better life. Since the government committed to keep an eye on progress in three specific notions: gender equality, decrease of poverty and generate work. These three are the primary focus of present Afghanistan administration.  Yet, the problem with Emirate system is; they are messaging separation, exclusion and extremism for the citizens. More than that, these extremists are looking at the country problems from the eyes of religion and in the economic prospects, they do not believe to free market. They are without openness and do not have any solution for all problems, adaptations and interpretations, to new challenges of modernization. According to the experience, Emirate system is often associated with terrorism, forced liberalization, lack of respect for cultural diversity and lack of combat on racism.  Moreover, values such as equality, long - term sustainability or democratic participation in decision-making are empty words that will not convince Taliban. Additionally, extremist are blind to the political dimension of love.  They use violent tactics; they target infrastructure, military personnel, civilians, babies and children. Their attitudes are absolutely against civilization in Afghanistan.
Gender equality is the third reason for republican fellows.  At the current time, Afghanistan needs to design and implement major economic development programs to improve rural livelihoods. The government needs women empowerment, and their participation with men in decision-making process.  Republicans believe that, the roles, responsibilities, access to resources, opportunities are essential orders that must be provided for women both practical and strategic.  Practical needs include improving the women health and services for their families, increasing their income and reducing their workload. Strategic needs, on the other hand, include improving the women education opportunities, gaining equal opportunity for employment, ownership, and increasing their participation in decision- making.  Conversely, women have undoubtedly suffered in the years the country was subjected to Taliban rule. As voiceless victims of war, girls and women were kept at home during Emirate rule. They did not have the right to receive education/ or going out of the house. Based on Taliban course of action for women, jailing women folk inside the walls was a kind of gift/ or an attempt to keep them save and protect their honor in the society.  It was considered the duty of the men to uphold the respectability of their women.  And, if in case any woman goes out of the house, one male from the family must accompany her and the woman must wear ‘Borqa’ to cover her bodies so as to hide their form and skin. On the other hand, republican says, equality does not mean that women and men will become the same but that women’s and men’s rights, responsibilities and opportunities will not depend on whether they are born female or male. In their view gender equality implies that the interests, needs and priorities of both women and men are taken into consideration, thereby recognizing the diversity of different groups of women and men. Gender equality is not a women’s issue but should concern and fully engage men as well as women. Equality between women and men is seen both as a human rights issue and as a precondition for, and indicator of, sustainable people-centered development. While the neighboring and our rival countries are on progress, Afghanistan struggles with poverty, unemployment and inequality. By increasing gross level of saving by residents and investments of businesspersons, the government can eradicate poverty and create job employment.  Building active and sustainable Afghanistan need improvement on social justice, mutual respect and particular attention to ethnic equality. For the fact Afghanistan need to generate opportunity to provinces that are considered the slowest to advance on the path of development. 
As a final point, the term development does not refer to one particular perspective on social, political and economic betterment. Instead, it is a set of strategies adopted for socioeconomic and environment transformation from current states to desired one. Therefore, it has various meaning to different people and can be explained in different contexts. But in our country, development means economic empowerment that give people the opportunity not only to be agents for development but also to receive its benefits.  Republic system is committed for economic growth, implement the project connected to society’s well-being. If republic system rule in Afghanistan, development would come as a natural consequence of its values. Therefore it worth to sacrifice ourselves for protecting republic system in Afghanistan.

Dawlat Bakhtiari is the newly emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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