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Hovering Between Peace and Democracy!


Hovering Between Peace and Democracy!

Democracy is a Grecian historic philosophy which later has been developed in the context of western culture. So it is a cultural phenomenon that the level of its practical experience depends to the cultural capacity of that country.
To democratize a conservative society means to destabilize the overwhelming culture that considers the backbone of conservative thinking. Therefore democracy is not something that works automatically in a traditional and religious society at a level that functions in a modern society where democracy is part of collective memory.
Furthermore to democratize a country means to make it culturally understandable and digestible rather to impose it as new social contract. 
Democracy in Afghanistan is still a modern contract that has entered in our social network mostly after 9/11 that brought the international community in Afghans to reconstruct their homeland and enjoy democracy.
Afghanistan was suffering of collapsed state and had been mired down in a long term bloody war and horrible devastation.  However to rebuild a collapsed state and socialize a conservative society with modern democracy or empower a multiethnic country is definitely a cumbersome task that needs a certain level of collective intellect and consciousness.
It seems after twenty years that the cultural capacity as well as collective intellect in Afghanistan have not been at a level to localize democracy and get advantage of a historic occurrence that surely never happen again. To localize democracy is a question of cultural enrichment or cultural empowerment that are highly expensive in a conservative country such as Afghanistan. To replace conservative contracts by modern ones, needs long term work that its success depends to a certain level of stability, economic growth and good governance.
Twenty years have past but neither bloodshed stopped nor democracy materialized in a country where the international community under the leadership of the United State has sustained huge casualties. After twenty years Afghans are hovering between democracy and a never-ending war that has developed to a very sophisticated international as well as regional problem.                
After twenty years it seems that the priority of Afghanistan is a durable peace and stability where every signal Afghan could safely invest for a better future. On the other hand the people of Afghanistan have been raised with conservative religious spirit that makes it extremely difficult to associate themselves automatically with modern philosophy rather to socialize them through different socialization channels. To change the religious atmosphere with convivial atmosphere is in need of economic development procedure which not possible in martial situation.  
Furthermore it seems that the democratization of Afghanistan was a hasty process that will fizzle out after the withdrawal international community form Afghanistan. It has been a flawed decision to invest on democracy rather to invest on something that helps Afghans to get rid of long term bloodshed. Heavy investment on democracy made the ground more fertilize for extremist groups who had their sanctuary in Pakistan. For example the number of religious madrasas with extremely extremist curriculum that have been raised in the rural areas more than the numbers that have been raised in last century. 
On the other hand emphasizing on creating democratic environment diverted attention from confronting armed Taliban who have been in progress in different areas. It means that the Taliban including all extremist groups have benefited from democracy more than civil societies and organizations that had been tasked to fight extremism and obscurantism. Study shows that there is a reciprocal relation between democracy and peace that democracy without peace is a distorted figure that might results to anarchy, lawlessness and unbridle corruption. Therefore in the shadow of war, our democracy seems a peculiar mixture of modernism and anarchism that mostly lead to corruption which in its term interprets crippling disease for collapsing a society.
Four decades bloodshed has brought Afghanistan to the verge of collapse and to put an end to the current turmoil is still a pipe dream. Therefore the priority of every single Afghan is a durable peace, stability and a safe atmosphere where he or she can dream for a better tomorrow.
Afghanistan, a country that is plunged in an uncertain crises, therefore its priority is to be taken out of current turmoil and leads towards a certain level of economic growth and economic stability where its people feel safe secure. It must be also taken under consideration that the current turmoil will not be confine inside Afghanistan’s border rather permeates to the remotest part the world. 
Afghans are really fed up with the unending war that takes constantly their hopes and their lives. Pulling Afghanistan out of the current turmoil and ensuring peace and stability in this country is considered regional peace which guarantee international security. It looks that Pakistan is reluctant to stop this protracted cycle of violence in Afghanistan or end this adventure which is part of its national security strategy. Taliban who have been shielded by ISI dream to re-establish their Emirates until their terrain is rugged in Pakistan.
The international community especially the United States are conscientious to use its international credibility and influence to bring warriors in the peace negotiation table and help Afghans to put an end to the prolonged bloody war that has imposed huge casualties on Afghanistan and international communities. It seems that either American’s security cognizance doesn’t work properly in Afghanistan or we are unfamiliar with the clandestine side of the game. While the United States could oblige Pakistani military generals to desist from supporting the Taliban insurgency after 9/11, how it cannot convince the same generals to press or oblige the Taliban leaders to stop killing innocent people in Afghanistan? Instead to legitimize the Taliban insurgency, it might be cheaper than to persuade Islamabad to stop giving them shelter and identity. Therefore if the international community invest on peace in Afghanistan, it inevitably paves the way for democracy in Afghanistan.

Hadi Miraan is the newly emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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