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The public Reactions over Intra-Afghan Peace Process


The public Reactions over Intra-Afghan Peace  Process

The long continued war in Afghanistan has become erosive and tiring to both Afghan people and regional and international stakeholders. During the opening day of the talks many world countries, whilst stressed on modern achievements of Afghanistan, they have welcomed and supported the intra-Afghan peace talks which show a kind of regional and international consensus on ending war in the country. In national level, although some expressed frustrations and doubts that the Taliban have not changed their dogmatic minds and not stopped killings, in general there is a strong consensus on ending war with protection of democratic achievements and values. Almost all Afghan politicians, whilst welcomed the Intra-Afghan talks, stressed on past achievements. For example, Hamdullah Moheb the National Security Council adviser stressed on protection of the Islamic Republic System through a series of tweets. He wrote that that the Taliban, like other Afghan groups, could enjoy «the benefits of democracy under the umbrella of the republic system. He added that he was interested in dialogue for reforms and survival of the system but maintaining and strengthening the system is more important because the existence of the system ensures the survival and interests of everyone, including Taliban. During the negotiations, there is a need for useful and fundamental discussions for the survival of the system .
The second vice president of Afghanistan, Sarwar Danesh, also expressed similar position calling on all parties involved in the Afghan issue to help establish lasting peace in Afghanistan; According to him, peace in Afghanistan is in the interest of all parties because it has an infrastructural role for security and economy of the region and world. He wrote in his face-book that the presence of the Taliban at the negotiating table, which we have been emphasizing for years, is a great achievement and it means that they now understand very well that they cannot win the war through militarily. In fact, this is a success and big step that direct negotiations have started and all political wings are present on the one peace table. The Government of Afghanistan welcomes this historic opportunity and, as it has so far shown its goodwill, will continue to work for peace and stability in the country .
The Former President Hamid Karzai has also welcomed the start of peace talks, saying the negotiating parties should prioritize major national interests over limited and fleeting demands. He wrote on his Face-book page that the people of Afghanistan expect the negotiating parties in Doha to establish a lasting peace in order to preserve and consolidate the country s independence, strengthen national unity, pay attention to the interests of the Afghan Muslim nation. The negotiating teams should realize their Islamic and national responsibilities and make sincere efforts for a better and dignified life under light of justice, brotherhood and sisterhood as soon as possible .
 Unlike other politician, Marshal Dostum who considered as a staunch opponent of the Taliban in the 1990s expressed skeptical position about Intra-Afghan talks saying that the Taliban did not believe in peace. Although he welcomed the peace efforts, he said that this group is not as powerful as it has been magnified, and if the talks fail, they will not be able to win the war .
The Afghan normal citizens also expressed similar position about peace talks. For example, Mukhtar Wafaee wrote his tweeter about composition and appearance of the 21 delegation member of Afghan government and Taliban saying that the emirate system has no more supporters in the country but the Afghan delegation, represents a modern and multicultural society. He added the Taliban delegation was in similar clothes: black turban, white shirt and trousers with having blanket on their shoulder. Their representative spoke briefly and vaguely , “We want an Islamic system . “ The Afghan government delegation made up of women, youth , human rights activists and writers and represents a modern and multicultural society . «The caliphate and the emirate have gone down in history Another Afghan citizen, Ayub Arvin, wrote on his tweeter page, although the peace talks were being held in Doha, Qatar, Taliban fighters were preparing to attack Jawzjan government headquarters. He quoted from Mengjag district governor as saying that 200 families had been displaced from the area since the beginning of the war .
Among Afghan women, Fatemeh Faramarz, wrote on her Facebook page in response to the remarks of Mohammad Naeem Wardak, a Taliban spokesman who had said that coeducation was disrespectful to dignity of women, there is no one to reply him that disrespect to dignity of women is the retrogressive views which is imposed by people like you on women, not the coeducational system. The today s women in Afghanistan do not need men to decide on behalf of them or even speak about them. Afghan women themselves will decide whether to study in coeducational system or separate class. Another lady, Hania Malik, posted a photo of Fawzia Kofi, one of the four female members of the Afghan government s negotiating team, on her Twitter account calling her , «Tell the Taliban that we women can no longer bear the burden of war, whipping, the pain of losing our brother and children. Our life is our freedom. We would like to go two decades ahead, not two decades back ! «We do not want emirate and captivity Another Afghan women, Asiya Hamzaei, expressed more pessimism on her social media account , “the Taliban are not looking for a sharing power, this terrorist group is looking for a conquest and the establishment of the Emirate and It is simplistic for the negotiating team to come up with the idea that there is a change in Taliban s ideology and worldview

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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