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Social Crimes and public questions: Where are the security officials?


Social Crimes and public questions: Where are the  security officials?

In recent years, the large cities of Afghanistan, especially Kabul, have unprecedentedly witnessed social crimes including  street robberies, armed robberies, targeted killings, kidnappings, drug trafficking, increasing the number of addicts and so on. The latest example this never-ended problem was killing of Ramin, 21 years old student, who was killed last Tuesday evening in the Asheghan-e-Arfan area of Kabul. The Ramin’s body was found with a knife stuck in his heart because of his cell phone while he was on his way home. No one knows how long the people would tolerate this level of insecurity and social crimes! the security officials had better not to farther disappoint people with their indifferences against these many crimes. People wrathfully ask Where are the security officials?  why the security of Kabul is so fragile and what factors are disrupting security in the capital, and why the authorities, despite all these many repeated incidents, have not been able to curb the insecurity in Kabul and other large cities?  Why the persistent complains and concerns of people and citizens cannot awaken the security officials to taking fundamental measures about the endless security problems?
The frequent attacks in daylight in the heart of the country’s capital are not only a major challenge to the well-being of the capital’s residents, but also challenge to the security institutions and legitimacy of government. Because of poor performance of the police there is no mutual trust and cooperation between people and security agencies. It is really a shame for the security agencies that the officials and personnel of the government agencies are being killed in front of their eyes but not even a trace of the perpetrators of such incidents is known to the citizens. Although our country is in a state of emergency and the challenge of insecurity throughout the country has many political reasons that are beyond the power of the Afghan security forces but targeted killings in the heart of the country’s capital are not something that can be ignored. Security agencies, especially the police and national security, are responsible for such attacks and must be held accountable. Unfortunately, weaknesses and inefficiencies are always ignored.
Although the people heard so many plans and promises, there are no reduction in the level of social crimes. In recent days, the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) issued a statement calling that violence and targeted killings has unprecedentedly increased in the country. According to the commission, there were 533 targeted assassinations in the first six months of this year which is unprecedented in the country. Although overall violence has risen sharply in the first half of this year as the peace process has accelerated, the increase in targeted killings are more concerning. It is obvious that such unprecedented level of murders reveals the weakness of intelligence and security system of the country. In other words, the increase in successive killings within cities like Kabul is a clear sign of the weakness of our intelligence and intelligence system.
If the government does not take immediate action, it will have very unpleasant consequences for the government and overall people of Afghanistan.  Given the conflict contexts, the enemy of Afghanistan will try to attract cheap and unsatisfied social forces to sabotage the social tranquility. In addition to the political effects on the lives of the people, the social crimes will also have a negative impact on the country’s economy. With everyday Killing and kidnapping, the traders and investors will be compelled to leave the country. So, economic consequences will not only be capital flight but also brain drain from the country. Thus, it will also inflict psychological effects on lives of people and a negative impact on government legitimacy. Availing the opportunity, the enemies of the security will also circulate rumors through various channels to sabotage the social tranquility.
According to experts, there are various reasons behind these issues such as lack of intelligence information, lack of technical equipment and facilities, lack of security cameras in the city, lack of scanners at the gates of Kabul and security checkpoints inside the city, lack of skills and ability how to detect explosives and terrorists inside Kabul. As a result, police and other task forces are unable to detect armed robbers and also explosives embedded in a vehicle. So, this requires special technology, and the government should invest heavily on proving and updating the security systems with modern facilities. Another issue that makes the security of Kabul city vulnerable is the issue of political interference of government officials, lawyers and politicians in the appointment of security personnel in Kabul. For this reason, in most of Kabul’s security posts, individuals are appointed on the basis of ethnic, group, and political allegiance, not on the basis of their skills, professionalism, capacity, courage, and commitment to Afghanistan.
In addition to abovementioned factors, the security failures are also attributed to corruption inside the security apparatus of the country. Sometimes, good plans and advanced facilities may be applied but they might fail in practical step due to the widespread corruption in security bodies of the government.  To essentially fight against these issues there is an extreme need for establishment of secret monitoring system to ensure that the police themselves are not changed to means of crimes and corruptions. If we see the security system in other countries, first, they are well-equipped with modern facilities and second, they have multiple vertical and horizontal security layers that not only prevents from inside corruption but also prevent from outside penetrations.  Unfortunately, this problem is very serious in the country as there is no control against internal and external threats and nor modern facilities to help security forces successfully fight against the increasing crimes.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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