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The Expectations of Afghan people from the new Administration of the United States


The Expectations of Afghan people from the new  Administration of the United States

To the new Administration of the United States:
It has been long time that Doha peace talks with coordination of Khalilzad has produced no outcome other than intensifications of war and hatreds in the country. Although the Afghan government and people have showed enough good-will releasing 5000 dangerous terrorists, it responded with uncompromising position by Taliban in table of talks and also in the battlefield. Undoubtedly, the United States, as main partners of Afghan government and people, have witnessed how the educational centers, children, civilian, religious scholars, worshipers, new born babies in a midwifery hospital have been massacred in recent months and years in Afghanistan.  Indisputably, the United States have also heard the recent SIGAR report how much the level of causalities increased in Afghanistan as a response to the good-will and Afghan demand for peace. These show that the path chosen by Khalilzad in Qatar cannot lay the foundations for lasting peace and stabilitfy in Afghanistan. This path has not only intensified war in the country but also made Taliban more confident promoting a terrorist group to opponent of a legitimate government which was established on the basis of modern values and endorsement of United Nations and world countries.
Therefore, the main expectation of Afghan public opinion from the new administration of the united state is to review the ambiguous deal between Khalilzad and Taliban. the main demand of Afghan people is to put an end to war in Afghanistan and not allow terrorists farther killl innocent civilians. After nearly 40 years of war, loss of life, family tragedies and destruction in Afghanistan, this expectation is neither big nor beyond the ability of new administration of the United States. Given the corruption in the country, we do not demand to pour your dollar in the packet of the mafia group without serious inspection, but we are righteous to expect putting an end to war and destruction in the country. We really beg the attention of new administration of the United Sates that not allow the terrorist groups to farther target the educational centers, religious leaders, healthcare workers, human rights advocates and judicial figures in the country.
We all know that the terrorist groups have no commitment in anything including Islam as they justified their crimes on the basis of Islam. In Doha peace process they ignored  Islam as basic for principle of the talks. They also ignored the consensus of thousands of religious scholars across Islamic world such as Afghanistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Bangladesh, and voices of Organization for Islamic Cooperation. In addition to demand of all people and consensus of religious scholars which itself consider as decision making source for issuing Islamic Faithwa, they also ignored the repeated demand of United Nations, European Union, Organization of Islamic Cooperation and stakeholders. As a result, the illegitimate war expanded to 27 provinces of the country. Afghan people believe the United States with its advanced military technology is able how to respond to this stubborn group as it did in 2001 within less than a month. Therefore, the new administration of the United States should not belittle the public opinion of Afghan people.
The unjustifiable and unbendable position of Taliban is really astonishing and raised a lot of questions public opinion. The people are confused what is going on in this country. Why the claimants of Islam ignore it as a principle in the negotiations?  Why they ignore consensus of Islamic world for peace which is considered equivalent to ignoring Islam in principle? The people increasingly doubts if the Taliban really have intention for reaching peace with government in the country? Do they really believe in national interests? How it is possible for some unprofessional and medieval-like people to organize and coordinate such complex operations in the complicated geography of the country?  So, who are behind the war? Why the national security units and international partners are failed to track them within the territory of this country though they are equipped with global satellite coverage and modern facilities.
Given the above, the people really worried about the gains of the last two decades, including the democratic liberties, human rights, women’s rights, and the free and fair elections as a way of transforming political power which is all crucial to the people of Afghanistan. Over the last 19 years, Afghanistan has largely changed and developed from perspective of superstructure and even infrastructure though it does not meet the expectation of Afghan people and also donators given the high amount of aid poured in the country in last two decades. In 2005 when the owner of this pen came to Kabul there was nothing other than few old and destroyed buildings, but now here we see a lot of differences in face of Kabul. What would happen to the fate of these changes, universities, schools and so on which gained with countless sacrifices of Afghan people and international community? And what would happen to these gains if another domestic war repeats in the country? Preserving and strengthening these gains are not only supported by Afghans but also by the regional actors and the international community because peace in Afghanistan will create an environment that further strengthens public gains while war will destroy everything.
In the high time, the people of Afghanistan also expect Taliban to recognize these gains as the achievements of the Afghan people. These gains belong to all Afghans and will equally benefit the Taliban as well. Afghan people also expect from supporter of Taliban and neighboring countries to seek their interest thorough peaceful means.  A moderate and modern Afghanistan will not threaten anyone in the region. If they are concerned about the presence of international community, they must understand that a warring Afghanistan is more susceptive to presence of foreigners rather than a peaceful Afghanistan.
Peace in Afghanistan will strengthen peace in the region and the world. A peaceful Afghanistan will boost regional stability, integration, trade, investments, businesses, and will function as a hub of cooperation for the region. Afghanistan can be a field of cooperation for the regional powers, rather than a battlefield. Afghanistan has a unique opportunity to be a platform where global powers can find common ground for cooperation unobtainable to them elsewhere. Peaceful cooperation in Afghanistan will have a huge impact on the rise of cooperation in other regions of the world.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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