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Afghan People Welcome the Victory of Joe Biden as New US President


Afghan People Welcome the Victory of Joe Biden as New US President
According to the primary vote count results, Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States winning nearly 290 Electoral College votes while his rival Donald Trump won only 214 Electoral College votes. In response to this news, many world people inside and outside the US including parts of Kabul walked out on the streets to express happiness over the victory of Joe Biden as new US president. The people eagerly wait and expect him to reshape its relationship with the world countries, especially Taliban who crazily kill innocent civilians in Afghanistan. Given the increasing violence in Afghanistan, Afghans have more expectations to put an end to endless war in the country. Although the Afghan government and people have showed enough good-will to Taliban releasing 5000 dangerous terrorists with coordination of Khalilzad, the Taliban responded with more uncompromising position in talks an table d also in the battlefield. The representatives of Afghan people have proposed various alternatives in talks table with Taliban, but they have shown no flexibility. Therefore, the people Afghanistan really expect the new president of United States to take a serious position against oppression of Taliban in the country.
Based on speeches made after primary, Joe Biden showed more homophonic position to the world expectations pledging to restore the U.S.’s “respected leadership on the world stage” and bring together representatives of democracies around the world to “honestly confront the challenge of nations that are backsliding.” This was not only a homophonic position to the global expectations but also in contrast to President Donald Trump, who for the last four years has taken an isolationist approach to foreign policy and weakened decades-old alliances. According to some political thinkers, if Joe Biden had not won the US election, there was no need for the US rivals or enemies to trouble themselves because Donald Trump was enough to mess everything inside and outside the united Sates. During the four years of Trump rule, he was not only blamed for many divisions inside the country but also created gaps between the US and its very traditional alliances such as EU.
One of very important point which seems interesting in Joe Biden team, the vice president, Kamala Harris, said to be an Indian-American lady. In 2016, Kamala Harris became the first Indian-American senator, but now she has become the first Indian-American Vice President. This person may play important role in strengthening relationship between the US and India while this may not be good in taste of Pakistani politicians. Accordingly, the Joe Biden team may show firmer will against terrorists, especially Taliban who does not seem happy about victory of Biden. According to media news, Biden has already committed to strengthen the military cooperation between the U.S. and India but if he eventually decides to ease the pressure on China, it could leave India high and dry. According to some analysts, If American policy ends up going slightly easier on China than Trump did, and going after Russia, then that complicates India’s position.
Anyway, the India and Afghanistan seems goal which is removal of terrorism attempting to persuade the terrorists’ supporters to follow their goals through peaceful means. Now, if the new president of the United States takes the same approach, then there are hopes to witness a better world. Unfortunately, the road ahead seems to be littered with so many obstacles that various presidents such as Bush, Obama and Trump with other stakeholders since 2001 could not pave the way for peace and security of Afghanistan. However, so far, neither Trump and nor Joe Biden has laid out a coherent framework for either a smooth withdrawal or a continued counterterrorism presence in Afghanistan. In fact, Afghanistan is not ready for early withdrawal which was chosen by Donald Trump. Therefore, Afghan people repeatedly expected United State’s leaders to respect the mutual agreement between the two countries demanding them for responsible withdrawal or presence.
The main criticism of Afghan people during Trump and Khalilzad was why they showed too much flexibility against Taliban giving them more confidence and moral. The terrorist group has not only changed to rival of a legitimate government but also victimized thousands of Afghan armed and civilian while the peace talks in coordination of Khalilzad have produced no result other than release of 5000 dangerous terrorists and overconfidence of the group. Although Afghan people and other stakeholders such as United Nations, European Union and Islamic World Ulemas demanded Taliban to make ceasefire or at least decrease violence, they ignored all with intensifying armed and civilian killings. Although they justify their cruel actions with Islamic Jehad, they paid no attention to consensus of Islamic Ulema which itself is considered as an Islamic principle for Islamic decision making. Consequently, the illegitimate against Islam and Muslim expanded to 27 provinces of the country.
In general, the unjustifiable position of Taliban together with flexible position of Trump against them had raised a lot concerns and questions in the country.
The people are really worried about the gains of the last two decades, including the democratic liberties, human rights, women’s rights, and the free and fair elections as a way of transforming political power which is all crucial to the people of Afghanistan. Over the last 19 years, Afghanistan has changed and developed both socially and culturally. Therefore, the people of Afghanistan expect the new president of the united states not to belittle these achievements. These gains are only considered the achievement of Afghan people but also the gains of US tax payers who wholeheartedly supported this country. The people of Afghanistan also expect the international community not let hand over everything to the terrorists.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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