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The waves of mysterious killings in Afghanistan


The waves of mysterious killings in Afghanistan

In recent days, Malaai Maiwand, a journalist and also social activist, and her driver was killed in Nangarhar province. It is said that Malaai Maiwand belonged to an intellectual family and so she had lost her activist mother few years ago. The latest event has happened in subsequent to a series of mysterious and serial killings targeting prominent religious scholars, active journalists and political figures in the country. According to a media report which was quoted from Mojib Khilwatgar, the head of NAI, almost ten journalists including Malalai and her driver were killed since the beginning of the current year while most of the cases remained ambiguous to the public. Unfortunately, the rise of the undisclosed killings have been in parallel to commencement of peace process while the Taliban do not take the responsibilities of these cases. In most cases, they also condemned these actions while the government often blames them for direct or indirect interventions.
Yesterday, a number of civil society groups asked Taliban to prove their disengagement in such serial killings in the country but today the Daesh terrorist  group proved the Taliban’s disengagement with taking the responsibility of the event. According to political experts, the assassination of prominent religious scholars and political figures are purposeful, pre-planned and very complicated in Afghanistan. What is not complicated is our failure and re-actionist approach against those criminal groups. Instead of hard punishment to criminals and taking preventive measures, the security forces and even the government try to hide their failures by tiring condolence to the families of victims and promises to investigate. Unfortunately, the government repeatedly promised to investigate such issues but rarely showed its result to the public. This approach is ambiguous to the public and there are many unanswered questions such as who are behind these events? What are their goals? Why we are not able to prevent these inhuman actions? What are the solutions? And why the government, people and the religious scholars are motionless and cold against these series of human killings in the country?
Given the historical experience, it seems that the enemies of Afghanistan have commenced to silence the awakening and inspiring voices in the country. If we look back in the history of the country, for example during Soviet Union, they made use of the same oppressive method killing the elites including intellectuals, religious scholars and opposing politicians to pave the way for their domination in the country. Accordingly, the same oppressive tradition had been used in the weakened and colonialized countries by exploiting powers to remove obstacles and enlightening voices in those countries. In Afghanistan, almost all of the assassinated personalities were moderate intellectuals in favor of peace and brotherhood with neighboring countries. Therefore, this wave of mysterious killing and assassination have serious political motives and required national attention.
In fact, the enemies of Afghanistan is worried about national enlightenment and also worried about materialization of sustainable peace in the country. They expect to establish a poppet and obedient government in the country with extinguishing the  voices of elites and political figures in the country. the passive approach of the government against human killers made them more courageous to carry their inhuman activities. However, the latest assassinators have been arrested but they must be executed in presence of public.  the people of Afghanistan are skeptic about everything in this country. They are confused why the killers are never executed in this country?  why the government do not take proactive measures despite successive killings in the country? what these killers want from Afghan people? If they have any legitimate concerns or demand the people of Afghanistan are ready to resolve through talks and negotiation or else the government should overtly share with people.
Anyway, whoever are behind these serial killings, their calculation are unrealistic and far from social and political facts of Afghanistan, especially modern Afghanistan.  If they cowardly martyred Malaai Maiwand, millions of other Malaai are alive  and in the verge of coming to the ground. It is true that Afghan people are under pressures but the history has  shown that the people of Afghanistan will never be surrendered to the aggressors. In fact, they need to review the experience of Soviet Union from aggression and carnage of intellectuals in Afghanistan.  It is true that Afghanistan has lost some of its prominent figures, it has achieved a regular army with support of international allies. if the security forces change its defensive position, the brave army of the country will give them unforgettable lessons. In recent years, they have been able to defeat the terrorists anytime and anywhere in the country. Afghan security forces, regardless of ethnical difference, they are considered as strong  deterrent power. Afghan security forces have not only protected the country from the evil clutches of terrorist groups, but also thwarted the nightmares of those who dreamt destabilizing the world. They have not yet been able to establish a safe geography for themselves in this land and just cowardly target the unarmed people. In fact, they are good in targeting the new born babies in midwifery hospital or killing students at educational centers, not in facing against brave national army.
In final, the inactive position of government against terrorists really tired people. If the former president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, had not taken such a passive policy against terrorists, now the country would be in this condition. The current government must learn from the past and understand that any types of attacks on media and intellectual personalities are attacks on republican system and progress of the country. Democracy and republic is meaningless without freedom of intellectual community. According to article 50 of the Afghan Constitution, and according to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Conventions “Right to Know” or “Right of Access to Information” are the fundamental human rights. Therefore, both the government and its international partners should take practical measures against the  endless waves of mysterious killings in Afghanistan.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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