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Why the Violences are Progressed with progress of Peace process?


Why the Violences are Progressed with progress of Peace process?

Today, once again, Kabul has colored with blood of Afghan civilians. Unfortunately, this is about twenty years that neither the terrorist groups are not tired of killing civilians and nor the political stakeholders are getting tired of watching this bloodshed scene. The ones who are really tired of this trend are the poor people of Afghanistan, but when they humbly ask the terrorists and terrorist backers to gun down, they face with farther violence and attacks killing men, women and children . Although the government and people of Afghanistan have proved its good-will with releasing thousands of the Taliban prisoners, they unexpectedly increased the violence on the cities and citizens. The today s attack in heart of Kabul was not the first event and will not be the last one. The Interior Ministry just announced that 487 civilians had been killed and 1,049 wounded in the past three month as a result of 35 suicide attacks and 507 mine blasts in the country. Nevertheless, there seem no fundamental measures for putting an end to the endless bloodsheds .
 As an outcome, everyone become disappointed from the peace process. Hundreds of businesses collapsed down in the country in recent years. Millions of the educated and energetic human capitals have left the country, but still the Taliban think that they are fighting for freedom of the country while the country has changed to a dreadful place.  Now, it is said that 90% of people are below poverty line. The Taliban, while claim to be fight for Afghanistan and Islam, are blamed to be behind the destruction of public infrastructure such as schools, mosques, market, masques, roads, and so on. Unfortunately, they pay no attention any peace voice.  Everyone is surprised why the tree of peace and peace talks never produces any fruits in the land of Afghanistan?  What is the real intention of Taliban? Do they have intention for power sharing peace or they use delay tactic with intensification of violence and killings so as to win greater privileges like imposing Islamic Emirate at the peace negotiating table in intra-Afghan peace talks.In fact, the unilateral position of Taliban has raised a lot questions in Afghanistan why they never come down from their dogmatic position.  Do they really have intention for putting an end to the senseless war or the key to peace is not factually in the hand of Taliban
After Doha peace negotiation break, the Afghan negotiators came to their country to consult with the people of Afghanistan but the Taliban s negotiators went to Pakistan to consult with Pakistani officials farther which raised concerns and questions.  If the Taliban are Afghans and can independently decide, they also come to Afghanistan to consult with people of Afghanistan or at least they should share the content of their political programs with their backers in national level. If the Taliban have any good political programs, the people of Afghanistan would welcome it. As the government of Afghanistan clearly and overly defend from the past achievements including preserving Islamic Republic , women rights, human rights, civil freedom and so on, they should also do the same providing the details of their alternative political programs to public. In fact, both parts should try dominate on heart of people
engaging the people of Afghanistan about what they have about the future of the country .
In general, there are a lot ifs and whys, but to provide a deeper answer to the mentioned questions, there is a clear consensus inside Afghanistan that Taliban is supported by Pakistan saying Taliban is a fish and Pakistan like pool of water for its survival.  However, Pakistani government and its military leaders have pursued a denial policy portraying the war in Afghanistan as civil war for power. Given the millions of investments in building schools, military and non-military camps to train Taliban inside their country, this view does not seem logical. So, the government of Afghanistan had better enter a deep talk with Pakistan respecting all legitimate concerns of the neighbor, but if the Pakistan really want to use this land on course of its strategic depth, and then it should be disclosed for the people of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is an independent country and the people of Afghanistan has given very good lessons to the aggressors in the past. Everyone should confessed that the friendship can  better provide the interests of both countries and so no one should have such unfriendly intentions .
Accordingly, the political circles and political leaders must not try to victimize national interests against their own personal and family interests. The political leaders and officials must know that the people of Afghanistan have extremely tired of everyday bloodsheds and poverty. It high time to be serious both in peace and also in war. If the former president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, had not taken such a passive policy against terrorists at that time, now the country would not have beem in this condition.  it is the responsibility of Afghan government to protect the supreme interests of the country against terrorists and their supporters. we should also encourage Afghan allies and friends to break silence against Taliban brutality.  We must not allow the country to be repeatedly invaded by terrorist groups and other foreign elements. Hoping that the foreign allies have already broken their silence with recent expression of Scott Miller, saying that the Taliban are deliberately destroying infrastructure belonging to the Afghan people. He warned that the Taliban must reduce violence in all areas, and if that does not happen the peace process will be jeopardized .

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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