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Afghans Should Unite in Fighting Terrorism and Dogmatism


Afghans Should Unite in Fighting Terrorism and Dogmatism

Breaking the unity of Afghan s ethnics is one of the major target of terrorism, following in Afghanistan. Because, national unity is a catalyst for sustainable democracy in any country in this globe.  Addition to that, it is one of the factors toward achieving a sustainable democracy too. The lack of unity in Afghanistan generally was born out of the interest of the colonial masters whose interest was not for the sake of unity in Afghanistan, as a nation but to pave way for their exploitive mission, particularly from the policy  termed divide ’’ and rule.  In view of the above, one can see that national unity is made possible when ethnic groups within a political setting maintain unity by coming together to reach consensus, social structure and function in society which bring about social order. In order to achieve national unity in the country, the idea of unity in diversity should be planted into the minds of Afghans particularly the youths and younger children. This can be done through teaching these concepts practically into the primary schools and secondary schools at all levels. In addition, corruption which is so high in Afghanistan, should be fought and the criminal justice system should punish the criminals committed. Understanding unity in diversity, sense of brotherhood should have improved through the national development programs scheme. There should be enlightenment campaign to the public especially the illiterate s ones. It is stated that to maintain peace and unity in Afghanistan, massive enlightenment must ensured. The central government must step into enlighten the public, especially the ignorant and illiterate population about unity and peaceful co-existence among the citizens with the central theme of equality and oneness. This can be relayed through the channel of media so as to reach massive population. Despite the fact that Afghanistan is facing serious challenges in the maintaining of national unity, people should understand that they are made to stay together as a society. They are therefore required to stand strong and forget all other factors such as tribalism, nepotism and the notion of we as they are amongst the factors that prevent the achievement of national unity in the country .
Second, Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic and a cultural diversity country.  In line with its national anthem recognizes fourteen respectable ethnic groups that formed the nation titled Afghan ’. Regrettably, the radical religious group continues to claim legitimacy in the name of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and refuses to ascribe any validity to the 2004 constitution or Afghanistan s elected government. The Taliban do not agree to a political setup providing chance for all the political groups to participate in the elections. However, the terrorism put efforts to break the strong unity that exist among the ethnics as well as they are trying to please one ethnic of Afghan society and marginalize the others. One of the terrorism propaganda is to analyze the present war as an ethnic war, and above that to use one ethnic against the others. In the situation, one ethnic printing their ethnic stamp on all other ethnic groups of the country, subsequently the other ethnic will fight against dominance and against their ethnic marginalization. While it is the homeland of all the citizens, the rational expectation is the officials and the public should have more wisdom in social behaving.   Now it is time to bury the past and rise to the new future.  By building a society in which there is a common vision and sense of belonging by all ethnics, where diversity appreciated and valued and in which strong and positive relationships across ethnics exist and continue to be developed. Our vision must be define as building a modern and united Afghanistan and caring the people and the land.  Afghanistan is a land of wealth and kept various opportunities in its heart. We should all serve the common good and deal with each other in genuine manner, avoid segregation and accept responsibility and obligation to care for the welfare of each other and the community for the greater benefit of all Afghans. The fact is the respectable existed ethnics have more points of similarity than of difference and it must be used as the policy to stress the points of agreement rather than the points of difference. The regional loyalty and devotion should be channeled to the interests of the nation. Though, how to combat against the enemy, which is not one person, not a single political regime or religion rather it is terrorism and secondly preserve peace and unity in the nation state.  Maintaining harmony among the ethnics is one of the biggest challenge and sensitive responsibility of the Afghan central government. In other words, it is a patchwork of ethnicities much like colorful Afghan carpets that each color has its own unique roles and function. In adding, soil is the mother of a nation and it produces natural beauty and inspire emotional foundation of jingoism. It is expected that everybody feel pride love, devotion and sense of attachment to his or her homeland. Therefore, if Afghans themselves do not build the country, the outsiders would not build it surely, we can save Afghanistan through dedication and love. A stable nation is the one who share the happiness and the sadness of living with each of them, though they have come from different ethnic and cultural background. The significance is through peaceful existence the citizens make peace possible and leads the country from a culture of war to a culture of peace
Finally, after late 2001, it was hoped that the attainment of meaningful democratic as well as the national development as seen in other parts of the world would be easily achieved. That is to say, Afghans wished to witness an equal distribution of the national resources in order to raise the general standard of people lives but unfortunately, it was not happened as projected, for the neighboring countries cutoff their collaboration and continued interfering. And at the local level competing with one another for taking power and advantage, caused the country to remain poor and fragile

Dawlat Bakhtiari is the newly emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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