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Could Taliban Lose the Golden Opportunity that Created via ‘Doha-Talks’


Could Taliban Lose the Golden Opportunity that Created via ‘Doha-Talks’

Over the last two decades, Afghanistan and terrorism have become synonymous in the eyes of many analysts and policymakers and since it has been viewed as a hotbed for global terrorists. Despite the fact, it is understandably difficult and tough to arrive at a balanced appraisal of people who are trying to kill you.   However, the country ruling body invested time and energy to foster the peace and reconciliation process. The Afghan government put the people s suggestion in to practice for peace is the most loveable word for Afghan community in lieu of it messages a state of calm and quite.  By the way, at the recent peace jirga, for confidence building, the government released the Taliban prisoners, but the Taliban did not announce cease-fires to reduce hostilities .
In fact, peace building and conflict management is a transformation process from a culture of violence to a culture of peace.  As peace building is a very complex issue it requires a lot of time but everybody can start to contribute to peace building from any point.  Nevertheless, the intra-Afghan talks is a golden opportunity for the Taliban - created by Trump administration and taken place in Doha without the involving and approving by the elected government of Afghanistan.  So it is a historical opportunity for the Afghan Taliban to think wisely and do not let Afghanistan damage more than this.  Nevertheless, why the issue of peace is such a stubborn and complex case and why the multitude of peace initiatives carried out over the past years have not yielded desired fruits .
The reason is the Taliban are lack of empathy ”.  Empathy is an invaluable natural resource for conflict transformation.  In other words, empathy is the ability to recognize other people s thoughts and feelings and respond to these with an appropriate emotion. Empathy serves as an inhibitor of aggression and conflict, a catalyst of prosaically behavior, and has the potential to build sustainable peace between communities in conflict. There are number of factors that have shown the Taliban are lack of the invaluable natural resource for peace that is empathy ”.  
First Taliban are not an independent - political party, they obey the neighboring countries authority and for this reason, they act in cruel ways because they are just following orders .
Second, Taliban hold an extremist views and hurt others because they are in the grip of a strong belief system that they are morally right .
Third, the Taliban members are early neglected and abused people, they have grown up with a feeling that others do not care for them so they do not need to care for others. Thus, in consequence it is nowadays nearly impossible to agree with Emirate System .
On the other hand, the majority of Afghan politicians support the elected government. Also many youths support republic system because it is a way of governing that includes thoughtful economic, social, political, and cultural changes. Though, Emirate system is a failed structure; its values are utterly opposite of civilization and its supporters are not modern thinkers - they are backward and peripheral groups of the country.  In Emirate, system there is no place for civilization . Since all civilizations accept as true to freedom of speech, for the reason that freedom lets people store and build up knowledge, advance state of intellectual, cultural, and material development in human society and it is civilization that lead to modernization in final stage.  Since the government committed to keep an eye on progress in three specific notions: gender equality, decrease of poverty and generate work. These three are the primary focus of present Afghanistan administration. Yet, the problem with Emirate system is; they are messaging separation, exclusion and extremism for the citizens. More than that, these extremists are looking at the country problems from the eyes of religion
In addition, empathy has an important role in conflict transformation and peace building. It is expected that the Taliban must show empathy by building evidence-based approaches to conflict resolution peace-building and reconciliation processes which is going on in Doha. Empathy begins with being aware of the other s perspective but must also include the pain of others. The Taliban have said, negotiations could take place only after the foreign forces left Afghanistan. But unfortunately, the Taliban are going to fight until they destroy a democratic government and replace it with an Islamic Emirate implementing the same regressive policies that they enforced during their ruling.  Addition to that, there is not enough common ground even to imagine a political settlement.  For the reason that, the Taliban main grievance is to have military presence in Afghanistan
As the conclusion, we therefore suggest that the Taliban should respect the democratic government and the public institutions. Otherwise, they will lose the excellent opportunity, which is in their favor. This support accelerate the ongoing reconciliation and save the country from external threats. Furthermore, with empathy we can build a better society because empathy enables human beings to appreciate other people s perspective and respond to other people s thoughts and feelings with an appropriate emotion. As the last point, how caring our society ends up depends importantly on whether empathy is enabled to grow and blossom, in children, and in all of us.   In calculation, the exposure to terror has led to higher levels of patriotism among Afghan youths.  Such high levels of patriotism and love of the country among citizens reflect the willingness to make sacrifices for the country, such as living under rocket attacks and protect the republic values until the last minutes .

Dawlat Bakhtiari is the newly emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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