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The Challenges and Opportunities of Peace in the eve of International Changes


The Challenges and Opportunities of Peace in the eve of International Changes

The second round of talks between the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Taliban in Qatar began with significant changes and challenges, especially power transition in the Washington. The first challenge that the Afghan government has already faced is lack of political consensus among political groups dividing to pro-transit government and anti-transit government.  On the other hand, the government of Afghanistan seems more under focus of the international community than ever before. Based on the mutual commitments in Geneva conference, the Afghan government has to seriously fight against corruption, establish the rule of law and also show serious will in the peace process so as to receive the promised international aid. In fact, the latest international aid was seriously conditional giving the international community more leverage to encourage the Afghan government to fight corruption, establish the rule of law and also make serious efforts in the peace process .
 It is said that the Qatar peace talks were delayed because of these changes that probably affect both sides of the Qatar peace talks. No one knows what would be the decisions of new president of the United States, Joe Biden, about the Afghan peace process. As the politics of advanced countries such as United Sates are usually not person centered and in the meanwhile, the views of both presidents were similar about Afghanistan, it seems that Joe Biden may not abort the unilateral progress made with Taliban. For example, once Joe Biden had said that the US task is not nation building in Afghanistan. Accordingly, he expressed controversial views about Afghanistan describing Afghanistan as three separate regions bio-socially.  Nevertheless, many believe that it is not reasonable to follow the hasty and one-sided decisions or withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and so the new president need to move towards protection of American values which is democratization and human rights in Afghanistan . Therefore,  he may not keep giving unlimited concessions to the Taliban as Mr. Tromp did degrading the position of US in the world level .  
In international level, he also needs to move towards convergent policies reviving the prestige of the United States in the international arena. During presidency of Mr. Tromp, the international politics were repeatedly shocked by hasty and unilateral decisions of Tromp such as starting tariff war with China and Europe,  withdrawal from the historic agreement with Iran while imposing maximum sanctions on it, withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the cessation of US funding to the World Health Organization while the world was at the pinnacle of  global health crisis and eventually upgrading the position of a  blacklisted terrorist group to the partner of the United States while it was not compatible with values of the US. Hence, the world people, especially the people of Afghanistan are eagerly waiting to see what would be the decisions of Joe Biden as new president of the United States of American. At least, the people of Afghanistan expect him not to follow flexible position of Trump towards terrorists and not submit a legitimate system to extremist groups while it is on contrary to the values and prestige of the United States .
It is said that Biden is more familiar with international affairs believing in international mechanism and so this may create an opportunity for Afghan people to use international mechanism against those who oppressively impose war on Afghan people. In last 20 years, despite repeated crimes against humanity, we could not use the international mechanism against the perpetrator of the crimes. At this stage, this might be a good opportunity for the young generation and diplomatic apparatus of Afghanistan to use international ways and mechanism for establishment of peace and security in the country. Therefore, the government of Afghanistan, especially the lobbies of ministry of foreign affairs should plan for meeting of Biden with comprehensive packages of suggestions and strategic plans for the future .
The new president of United States is also described as lawful and committed personality serving as law maker for years and known as a famous person inside and outside the United States. Undoubtedly, he remembers that the genuine goal the United States and Afghan people were to get rid of terrorism but not materialized yet. Therefore, the irresponsible withdrawals of the US forces are not rational and Afghanistan is not ready for early withdrawal which was chosen by Donald Trump. The people of Afghanistan are righteous to expect him to end war in the country though the road ahead seems to be littered with so many obstacles that various presidents such as Bush, Obama and Trump with other stakeholders since 2001 could not pave the way for peace and security of Afghanistan .
Given the aforementioned points, the new changes and global expectations from the new presidency of America may create new challenges and opportunities the government of Afghanistan. Now, as Mr. Joe Biden is going to take oath as new US President, people seems more optimistic. Comparing to the billionaire president of the United States, Donald Trump, he is more familiar with pain of people inside and outside United States and more sensitive about administrative corruptions and overall more sensitive about chaotic conditions in Afghanistan. During the former president of Afghanistan when he had visited Afghanistan he overtly expressed his unhappiness about corruptions and irresponsibility in the country.  Therefore, his presidency might be a challenge to the pro-corruption circles in Afghanistan and an opportunity for the government and people of Afghanistan to take fundamental measures against corruption in the country .

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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