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Why the Republic System Is Refused by Extremist Groups?


Why the Republic System Is Refused by  Extremist Groups?

One of the persisting concerns and questions of Afghan people is that why the Taliban refuse the republic system? Will the reactionary groups succeed to hold back the country? Will the ongoing peace talks and overall the extremist tendencies led to abolishment of political and social achievements gained of last two decades? If they succeed to bring an end to all whatsoever gained within last two decades, what will be the alternative model of political system appropriate for the context of Afghanistan and also compatible with modern values? In the other word, what will be the model of political in Afghanistan? Will it be like the Emirate system experienced from 1996 – 2001?  Or will it be like secular systems such as in Turkey and Indonesia , Malaysia or the current Islamic Republic system which is relatively moderate and acceptable by Afghan people and international community ?
Regardless of political reasons, one of the problems which may encourage the Taliban to refuse the republic system is weakness of rule of law and social disorders in the country. Recently, the current Taliban speaker shared the corruption scandals which were revealed by Etlaatroz implying the output of republic system in the country. Undoubtedly, there have been some lawlessness and ups and downs in field of rule of law but it does not prove the default of the system. The function of republic system is widely experienced in Muslim and non-Muslim countries and not hidden to any ones. Therefore, the people of Afghanistan expect the Taliban to have a deeper study about future system forgetting everything other than strategic interests of the country. If, in fact, the seriousness of Taliban about rule law is combined with the current moderate system, it will largely guarantee the stability and advancement of the country. Despite so many criticisms on Taliban, every Afghan confesses one positive point about Taliban which was their firm determination about implementation of law while people criticize on the government why not seriously penalizes the social and political criminals. That s why; there were many cases that reportedly referred to Taliban due to the same reason. Hence, we appreciate Taliban for this point but the Taliban should note that the current values and achievements that have come about are the product of tens of years of bellicose struggle that the Afghan people paid heavy cost to earn .
The next point that the Taliban should note there is no clear alternative to replace the current system though it needs to minor modifications. If they have any alternatives they should reveal it defending theoretically. As far as we know , the Taliban propose an ambiguous and abstract interpretation from Islam which is unacceptable in national and universal level. In fact, they have a very reactionary interpretation from Islam which not compatible with advancement and modern values such as human rights, women rights and overall a free and fair system. Therefore, all those Afghans and international allies oppose to any action that destroys these values and achievements. In particular, the new generation and intellectual community of Afghanistan are not ready to return to the past which is considered returning to zero point. In fact, the emirate or any system similar to it is not only unacceptable to the people of Afghanistan but also on contrary to the demand of time and globalization process .
The other point which may mobilize the extremist groups to refuse the republic system is the misuses from freedoms of republic system. If we look at the growing oppositions between traditionalists and modernists in the virtual spaces of social media networks, it provokes many towards violence. For example, there are always a group of individuals who overtly insult the faith billions of people across the world provoking many to show violent reactions. When we oppose the extremist views, it should not mean that we can forget all our national and cultural values
Given the global advancement and also given the culture of the country, we need to put an end to any extremist approaches whether in religious forms or in secularist forms because both are on contrary to coexistence and peaceful way of life. In fact, there is no difference between the two approaches as one is form of religion and other in form of secularism dividing the world into black and white. Neither the prescription of Buda and Basharmal can solve the problem of the country and nor the dogmatic of approaches of extremist groups such as Taliban. Afghanistan, as a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country, needs to more flexible and pluralistic approach. We must differentiate between superstitious phenomena and pure traditional teachings. Similarly, we need to be respectful against modern human achievement, modern values being more tolerant against one and other.  If we have no tolerance to listen each and other, it will have very destructive consequences .
Eventually, we need to have an open society welcoming any constructive critiques, views and experiences as there are always some valuable things and views in every culture to be learnt.  Fortunately, the current constitution of Afghanistan has a very moderate approach provided that it is exercised; from one hand it has recognized the international human rights and values and on the other hand it pays respect to all culture and religion. That s why; it is called one of the best constitutions in the region. The moderate approach is also endorsed by scientific studies. According to scientific studies, all traditions and cultures not necessarily hinder from social and political development. For example, based on scientific studies which carried out to explain the relations between tradition and development in China, Japan, Honk Kung, India and Iran, the tradition can play positive role in social and political development as long as it does not have black interpretations denying everyone except its own narrow minded views .

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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