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Why the Doha Peace Agreement Needs to Review?


Why the Doha Peace Agreement Needs to  Review?

In recent days, there have been hot debates in Afghan political community over the review of the Qatar peace deal signed between the Tromp administration and Taliban. These debates were commenced after the recent expression of foreign minister of the United States of America. The new foreign minister of the United States said that they would review the peace deal agreement and so the agreement may be revised. This decision has worried the Taliban and Taliban supporters while the Afghan people and government have welcomed the new decision of the United Sates. Now, the Taliban is not interested to attend in the Qatar peace talks and so it seems facing with an unannounced deadlock. The representatives of the government and people of Afghanistan have already submitted their agenda for the next steps of talks to Taliban but they have not so far. The minister of foreign affairs of Pakistan through an interview with Al-Jazira also called the new president of the United States to stay committed on the content of the agreement signed between the United States and Taliban. These delays and expressions, altogether, show that the Taliban and Taliban supporters are worried about the review of the peace deal agreement signed between Taliban and Donald Tromp administration .
 Now, the question is why the Qatar peace agreement needs to be reviewed? And why this review has worried the Taliban and Taliban supporters? Thus, why the Doha peace deal agreements are very important for Taliban and Taliban supporters? These questions and concerns become more important when we compare it with the previous position of Taliban when persisted to base it instead of Quran and Sunnah, and wished the victory of Donald Tromp to win the election in United Sates? If they have a true and legitimate intention for peace in the country why the US presidency changes or power transitions matter to Taliban? According to most Afghan thinkers, there were many defaults and problems in the peace deal which unilaterally signed in the interests of Taliban in absence of the Afghan legitimate government
Firstly, the peace deal agreement which was signed between Tromp administration and Taliban was really unilateral without considering the demand of Afghan government and people. Afghan people , after forty years of fights, do not want to lose the two decades of values and achievements, especially the constitutions and pluralistic system which preserves both national and modern values. From one hand, 99% of Afghan people are Muslim not want to leave their Islamic culture, Islamic freedom and historic values. On the other hand, the people of Afghanistan are aware of demand of time how to live in twenty first century. In fact, they knew the current requirement of social and political life in today s interdependent world. In 2014, the people of Afghanistan unanimously voted for presence of the United States and international allies due to the same requirement. If the United States honestly acts upon the provisions of those strategic agreements, the people of Afghanistan will remained committed to all those historic agreement. A true friendship between Afghanistan and International community will not only refrained from the endless interferences of neighboring countries, but also guarantee the peace and prosperity of the country. Few months ago, the first voice president calling on Taliban said although we both are supported by foreigners, but there are big differences between us. The outcome of our friendship is construction of roads, schools, universities and so on but the outcome of your friendship is Jehad against school teachers, students, destruction of roads and university .
The next reason why the Qatar peace agreement needs to be reviewed is the repeated breach of the promises by Taliban. Based on the Doha agreement between the Taliban and the United States, the Taliban should have reduced the violence, disconnected from international terrorists such as Al-Qaeeda, showed their practical will in the peace table and not send the released prisoners to the battlefields. Unlike the promises and agreement between the US and Taliban, and unlike the expectation of Afghan people and international community, the war and violence have unprecedentedly increased in the country. Based on the latest UN figures, nearly 6,000 people, a third of them children, were killed or injured between January and September last year. Dozens of social and political thinkers were assassinated. The teachers, students and women were intentionally or unintentionally killed under name of Jehad. Although some of these crimes are attributed to ISIS, the government officials directly or indirectly referred the responsibility to Taliban and Taliban supporters. In addition, there were national and international reports indicating that the Taliban have not disconnected from Al-Qaeeda and other dangerous groups .
The last major point which justifies the review and even revision of the Doha peace agreement is lack of serious will of Taliban for peace in the talks table. It took three months that the Taliban agreed on the agenda only. Showing its good-will, the government of Afghanistan released more than 5000 dangerous prisoners, but they never showed any flexibility to show their good-will for peace. The Taliban committed that the 5000 prisoners will not return to the battlefield but a number them were already killed or arrested based daily media news. On the whole, instead of reduction of violence as committed in Doha peace agreement, the Taliban has used their utmost energy to increase the casualties and it confirmed by the national and international studies. Therefore, the government and people of Afghanistan warmly welcome the decision of Joe Biden administration to carefully review the past and move forward to the future .

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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