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Why We Support Democratic System in Afghanistan?


Why We Support Democratic System in Afghanistan?

After centuries of social and political live, human societies have had experimented various types of political system such as kingdom system, aristocratic system, communist system, fascist system, Talibanism and different types of absolutist systems, but none of them are as dynamic and flexible as liberal democracy. Although the liberal democracy was originated from western society, we had better attribute it to product of human thought which is respectable and recognizable by everyone and everywhere. In case this, it is not important who has devised democracy rather what has devised is important. Undoubtedly, the device of democracy was far more important than invention of air-plane, computer and other industrial or technological inventions.  The product of air-plane can transfer a group people from one city to another but the product of democracy can rescue a nation from annihilation towards peace and survival. The most important gifts of liberal democracy are freedom, equality and sovereignty of people with certain mechanisms compatible with different social and cultural contexts. With true implementations of these principles and mechanisms, the liberal democracy can play a very dynamic and constructive role in human society providing people opportunity to live peacefully but diversely.
Democracy can also be considered as a successful mechanism for reaching the blessing of freedom and justice which was naturally sanctified to human being. When the human were at their childhood, it was, somewhat, justifiable to live under direction of doctorial regimes, but gradually, human has got mature and so, no system may fulfill their needs and rights as much as liberal democracy. In today’s multicultural world, we need to freedom of thought, freedom of opinion, freedom of believe, freedom occupation, freedom of inhabitancy, freedom of criticism and so on. Liberal democracy is a fair and dynamic system which ensures all these as natural values, not enacted values. That’s why the universal human rights’ values are called declarative values, not enacted or superficial values. In clearer term, the liberal democracy is a defendable system because it was founded on basis of natural human rights which already recognized in many cultures and has no fundamental conflicts with religious values.
In general, democracy is recognized few fundamental principles which ensure peace, prosperity and dynamism in a society. The first and most important principle of democracy is legitimacy. Based on this principle, people are considered as real source of sovereignty and the government derives its power from them. Therefore, the legitimacy of the system depends on satisfactions, demands and more importantly people’s values. If the rulers are failed to comply with the values of people, they can be kicked out from the power. The people can exercise their power through elections at certain intervals. For example, In India and England, General Elections take place after every five years but in U.S.A. it is hold after every four years. Overall, people are considered as an end and State as the means in a democracy: This is one of the main characteristics of democracy that individual is a mean and the state is an end. It means that the state makes use of the individual for its own interest while in a dictatorship no attention is paid to the freedom of the individual.
The next important of principle of democracy is equality. Based on this principle, all citizens regardless of social status, gender, or ethnic background should have equal opportunities to take part in social and political life such as right of education, the right of access to information, the right of minimum income and everyone should enjoy equal opportunity in the society, there would be no unemployment, the living standard of the people should be raised and they should have economic security. This is possible only when there is no exploitation. As referred, every citizen must be equally able to access to information regarding rulings made by elected bodies, the administration and courts. Access to information is also important to a free formation of opinion and to an independent decision-making process among the citizen. This applies to the existence of free and independent media as well.
The other valuable principle of democracy is the independence of Judiciary; it is responsibility of the judiciary system to protect the fundamental rights of the people. In some countries the Supreme Court and the High Court’s protect the Constitution and the fundamental rights of the people. Wherever judiciary is not free, the protection of fundamental rights is not possible. In addition, the system should ensure the citizens equal treatment with consideration and respect. All authority must be practiced according to enacted laws and regulations, and the administration has to comply with predetermined, neutral, and known procedures when enforcing laws. The purpose of such procedures is to protect the citizens from random and undignified treatment. Based on this, the legal system must ensure the fundamental rights of people as in the absence of these rights the development of an individual is not possible.
As a last point, the liberal democracy with more or less modifications fit with the culture and conditions of Afghanistan while has no rival alternative theoretically. If any groups have any better alternatives, they should change it to text so that every can know about it or they should defend their political program in public media debate so that the people of Afghanistan knowingly decide about their future. After listening to both programs, the public opinion would be a fair judge what to decide. If the Taliban really have better political programs that the people are not aware, we should listen and accept their logic and political programs, but if they really have nothing other than what they applied from 1996-2001, It will not be applicable and acceptable in the current Afghanistan.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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