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Who will Rescue Afghanistan?


Who will Rescue Afghanistan?

As the people of Afghanistan have experienced the behavior of current politicians, rule of Taliban regime and cooperation of international partners, they are confused who will rescue the country. Dividing to different groups, no one knows what to do and who should be supported? They repeatedly call on all stakeholders to contribute in ending war and troubles but received reverse results. Even though the inception of peace process had given a little hope and optimism to everyone, it has disappointed everyone in recent weeks and months. Misfortunately, on contrary to the expectation of people after intensifications of romp and ructions over the peace process, the violence has also intensified in the country. Beside the government personnel and government officials, the civil society leaders, and journalists have been the main targets and so the levels of civilian casualties have also increased comparing to previous years. Accordance with the latest NATO official’s reports, there were 2,586 civilian casualties from October 1 to December 31 last year, including 810 killed and 1,776 wounded. In addition to extreme rise of violence, the level of poverty has also increased from 55 % up to 72% based on recent media reports.
Unfortunately, instead of listening to the voice and pain of people, the Terrorists intensified violence. When the people call on government to act up its responsibility and protect people, it tediously run away from its responsibilities with absurd promises and condolence. As a consequence, people are not sure who will be in the interest of this country and people.
Unfortunately, the international communities, Islamic world, international humanitarian orgs, especially the United Nation have also not effectively played their humanitarian role in Afghanistan.
Sometimes they overtly acknowledge that they are not here for state building or protection of Afghanistan’s citizen, but other times they talked about human rights, liberty,  strategic partnership and humanitarian values which over all confused people. This way, neither western nor eastern friends have performed their humanitarian responsibilities in ending war and conflicts in the country. Undoubtedly, the people of Afghanistan have more expectation from the international allies, US and Muslim countries to play more constructive role in ending war in the country. Accordingly, the people of Afghanistan have more expectation from United Nations to play serious role in ending war in Afghanistan. Given its global role and it creation philosophy, the united nation has more legal and moral responsibility regarding ongoing crisis such as war and terrorism, corruption, poverty and starvation smuggling and organized crimes, uncontrolled immigration, destruction of environment, human rights violation, ethnic issues and so on…
Anyway, it is not realistic that others rescue us unless we do not rescue ourselves deploring on one and other. It is high time that the people of Afghanistan wake up and decide for their future.
It is time for the people of Afghanistan to ask deeper questions what are the genuine demand of terrorist supporting countries?  It is time for the people of Afghanistan to ask why the warring sides are not expressing their real goals and demands instead of beating around the bush. If any ones have genuine concerns and legitimate demand, we must talk about, but if they have any illegitimate demands, we must stand together either to die collectively or live gloriously.
Almost all people of Afghanistan are aware that the Taliban and Daesh are just as a tool behind these attacks and violence. They have not that financial and technical capacity to launch such complicated war and stand against a great nation. Therefore, it is time for the people of Afghanistan to devise a deeper plan and ask a deeper question from the neighboring countries whey they do not desist from supporting terrorist groups.
Unfortunately, the weak point of Afghan people is their disunity and weak memory. They are easily deceived and divided by alluring promises and slogans of corrupt politicians and other traitors.
Using from the ethnic and religious gaps as a political tool, the corrupt politicians have left no good legacy and no good political culture in the country.
They used ethnic gaps as a political tool for reaching their individuals goals. In fact, they are concerned for losing their personal advantages or losing monopoly of power. All ethnic groups including Pashtun, Tajic, Hazaras, Uzabek and so on are extremely suffering from the consequences of domestic division in the country. It is the responsibility of everyone, especially religious scholar and social thinkers to establish general principles and plan for national unity against corrupt politician and extremist groups.
If the people of Afghanistan do not take immediate action, it will have very unpleasant consequences for the future of the country. The terrorist groups and its supporters will decide the future of Afghanistan if the people do not seriously proceed. The peace process will not end to a peaceful and stable Afghanistan unless the people of Afghanistan show a historic determination in regard to resolving the fundamental issues of the country.
The corrupt politicians have not done anything yet and will not do in the future. Almost 90% Afghans are under poverty line but they are thinking about luxurious food, fame and family enjoying the aid come for widows, orphans, disabled and needy people. Therefore, it is time for the people to learn from history and experience of post-war countries. For example, Japan after the bitterest experience in the history they chose a peaceful and idealistic strategic spent no energy on political rivalries. Let’s say no to all wolf-like politicians and terrorists who never satiated from the blood of Afghan people.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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