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What are the Reasons? The Government is willing to Make Peace; but the Taliban is Saying Sorry!


What are the Reasons? The Government is willing to Make Peace; but the Taliban is Saying Sorry!

Efforts and initiatives have taken in order to initiate peace process, end the world worst terrorism war and engage the Taliban with the government of Afghanistan. On February 29, 2020, the United States and the Taliban signed an agreement in Doha to end the war in Afghanistan.   However, there are serious challenges to these creativities. By the way, if somebody becomes interested to know deeper about the Afghan Peace Negotiations, the true is the Doha-Agreement becomes part of problem now, since it has changed to a source of tension rather that lasting peace.
First, it has given an international dignity to the Taliban team. They can travel formally and visit their supporters’ countries now.
The second reason is the Doha-Agreement provided ground support for the Taliban. The Taliban could release their dangerous prisoners eliminated the United Nations and U.S. sanctions.
Third, the Taliban has continued violence rather than announcing ceasefire, thousands of civilian people killed and forced many to flee the country and finally the fundamentalist group could dream regain controlling the country by military power, after withdrawal of US forces.
Therefore, the Doha Agreement must be revised carefully and needs set of changes in order to go forward. 
In addition, the Taliban established a political office in Doha in January 2012. Even though it is not an internationally recognized representation of the Afghan Taliban, Doha has unofficially been the stage for attempts at confidence building between the US and the Taliban representatives, and the mere existence of the political office does reflect a change in attitude and policy of both the Taliban and the US. Overall, there is no sign that there is a pragmatic segment of the Taliban leadership who are willing to enter into intra Afghan talks on some issues. At the same time there are signs that the Taliban reverie of military power. The Taliban look at the Doha agreement as a historical achievement that succeeded through dealing with their foreign enemy.  
However, a peaceful Afghanistan is a win-win opportunity for the Taliban and the Afghan republic supporters.  For the Afghans do not like quarrel anymore; wishing to live in peace with others. Today Afghanistan needs to discuss a range of structural techniques and preferential policies to reduce ethnic conflicts first and then set up a policy for counter terrorism. 
Thus, there would be a question like “How the government should counter to terrorism at the present? We suggest that the government should unite the political parties which are active in the country and use national unity as a permanent force against the terrorism. There is a statement that says: ‘when we are united we are stronger’.  
Throughout the history, many farmer governments have introduced policies to unite Afghanistan through a shared sense of national identity. As well as some tribal leaders have introduced policies to foster a national identity that would sustain an imagined political community in which citizens remain connected by shared history and values, despite never meeting one another, but all the approaches conducted for nation building  have failed at last point. By the way why national unity is important at the moment for Afghanistan.  Nevertheless, regrettably it is more than two decades that the Taliban paved a dangerous path for Terrorism. They used their political platform to misplace blame that resulted in a devastating loss of human life. They focused on the differences instead of equality. They focused on abstraction instead of inclusion. They focused on singular individuals instead of citizens as a whole.
Another benefit of national unity is sustainable development, which can be defined as development that meets the needs of the present and future generations to meet their own needs.  There is a direct link between peace and sustainable development in any society. Now, sustainable development can reduce poverty, balance environmental and social equality of income.  It is not possible for the country to achieve sustainable development without quietness and calm.  Nonetheless, none of us can escape the reality that Afghanistan is not faced with enormous challenges and problems.  For instance continuing of inequality massive unemployment dismal educational performance service delivery problems, crime and corruption! We cannot avoid these realities because they confront us every time. Therefore, when one person is super-rich and the rest are in fact very poor that is not regard as a very attractive and ideal society, because people care not only about the average income, but about the income distribution as well.
Consequently, when we talk about the peace process in Afghanistan, it is important to see it as a multifaceted process for example, how much we create brother hood among the ethnics, and how much the role of neighboring and regional countries considered seriously. Sometimes there is tension between the ethnics and bordering countries that must be managed wisely. 
As the final point, we have an opportunity to understand the principles and values of democratic government, and to make a decision not just for ourselves, but also for society as a whole. Our power is in our voice. Our strength is in our diversity. Our future is dependent on caring for our people.  As the last statement, after the Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan singed in Doha, a lot of problems have lunched in the country; for instance, targeting the civil activists, journalists and other parts of ordinary people.  Finally, the Doha –agreement sparks a new phase of civil war for Afghans, so it is now part of the problem rather than functioning as  a road map to peace.   Yet, for the US, a political agreement with the Taliban is part of an exit strategy that would allow the pullout of the military forces.

Dawlat Bakhtiari is the newly emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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