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Why Taliban Became the Hero of Battlefield in Afghanistan?


Why Taliban Became the Hero of  Battlefield in Afghanistan?

Unlike other war torn-countries such as Iraq and Syria, the insurgent fighters or as  Dostum says a few motorcyclist, became the hero of battlefield in Afghanistan.
Every day we witness the explosion and armed attacks on cities and citizens while the national security forces are unable to protect them. In recent days, they also attacked on UN convoy with leaving five deaths and few wounded and then went back to their secure abodes.
Even though the attacks on international forces and foreign players have been rare since the Taliban signed the troop withdrawal deal with Washington, the violence against Afghans has escalated around the nation even as the Taliban and the Afghan government held peace talks in Qatar. Almost daily deadly attacks with small, magnetic bombs attached to the undercarriages of vehicles, as well as roadside explosive devices and shootings, are unnerving Afghan officials, activists and journalists.
Seemingly, the active intelligence networks of regional countries combined with passive actions of security forces made them the hero of battlefield in Afghanistan.
Instead of a tooth-breaking response to the terrorist groups, we replace the security officials, establish inquiry commission and beg peace from this and that. It is hoped that the U.S. President Joe Biden’s national security team reached to a positive conclusion after review of the peace-building deal sealed with the Taliban in February 2020, but the experience of fighting against terrorism in other country shows that without serious fighting against terrorism and national traitors everyone will compete over acting as foreign agents in the country.
Undoubtedly, we never deny the legitimate concerns of other countries but our flexibility or emotional actions against relentless human killers will lead to empowerment of the group. 
If we had not hold a passive policy during Hamid Karzai, today we would not be in the current critical condition. If we had not released the 5000 killers of Afghan people from the prisons, today we were not in the witness of this level violence in the country.
In general, the success of few motorcyclist fighters against a legitimate government and international forces raised a lot of questions and concerns in the country. As result, the people are fully disappointed from passive position of government and international allies. The people silences against these crises are not because of their satisfaction from performance of the government but because of their voices are not heard.  They are disappointed from the government because it’s chronic inability against terrorism, corruption, poverty and so on.
They are disappointed from the international community because their presence has not changed the conditions of the country and they have not acted upon their mutual commitment with the people and government of Afghanistan. The people are also disappointed from Taliban and Taliban supporting countries because they relentlessly kill innocent civilians who have no role in the conflicts.According to public opinion, one of the major factors behind these failures is lack of decisive political will to establish peace in the Afghanistan. In 2001, despite limited number of national and international forces and limited facilities, the Taliban regime had been toppled within a month while now despite huge increase in the numbers of national with support of international forces and vast military facilities they are unable to protect innocent people. While the social bases of Taliban are weakened because of their inflexible ideologies, and destruction in the country.
Based on study released in 2015, only 4% of Afghan people prefer Taliban over the current republic system. Additionally, there has made a global consensus against Taliban war in Muslim world and also in international community because of violating international law and values.
In last two decades, they committed the worst crimes against humanity including attacking on mosques, educational centers, media workers, midwifery hospitals, destruction of public property, smuggling poppy opium and so on. Given these points, many Afghans believe everything is against Taliban except the political will.
The next factor which mutilated the government is lack of rule of law, corruption and sentimental behavior against terrorists. Despite hundreds and thousands of armed and civilian causalities, the people have never seen the execution of those professional human killers. Undoubtedly, Afghanistan has enacted very good laws comparing to neighbouring countries but the persisting problems which challenge the country is failing to institutionalize or putting them in effect. What are benefits of those laws on paper without rule? Few years ago, there was a statement in local media claiming all articles of constitution were violated except one article”, Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan”, but now with launching successive attacks in heart this city, it is not like a capital city any more. If we wish to rescue from this condition, the rule of law should be strengthened, and law enforcement agencies become more independent.
And finally, instead of reactive actions and strategy, our security forces need to devise preventive strategy. Given the high level of poverty in Afghanistan and given the huge distance between government and people, no appropriate measures are taken place. Just the imprisonments of hungry and angry people are not effective.
Unfortunately, regularly we hear destructive news such as high number of armed and causalities, high level of corruption and high level of  poverty but we never heard the number of entrepreneurships, poverty reduction plan and unemployment referrals.  Although few years ago, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs promised to solve or reduce the unemployment problem through sending labors out, yet it has not implemented.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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