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What Lessons Should We Learn From 26th of Dalw?


What Lessons Should We Learn  From 26th of Dalw?

Yesterday, it was coincided with 26th of Dalaw and 32th anniversary of Soviet Union troop’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. The defeat of Soviet Union troops is considered as one of the happiest days in history of Afghanistan while the aggression of Soviet Union troops is considered as one of sad day and destructive factor behind instabilities, devastations and violence which still cast its shadow on the situation of the country. The resistance of Afghan people against Soviet Union aggression lasted nine years and, in that time, an estimated one million civilians, including children, were killed, along with 90,000 Mujahideen fighters, more than 20,000 Afghan troops and over 14,000 Soviet soldiers. However, this war could be considered as one of the most important source of experience and lessons for the people of Afghanistan and also for those who dream domination on Afghanistan through imposing their puppet government in the country. In relation to this, every year, Afghan thinkers and intellectuals mark this year with highlighting the past strength and weakness so as to provide a lesson for the future.The first lesson that we can learn from this honorific event is unity and victory. After Soviet Union aggression and its cruel behavior in Afghanistan, hundreds of national uprisings and movements were formed in the country. In fact, this unity broke the waist of Soviet Union in Afghanistan and during the nine years of resistance against Soviet Union, the people of Afghanistan showed how powerful they are if they get united. They successfully defeated a superpower with their strong faith, unity and very basic facilities. Undoubtedly, there were different factors and countries behind the defeat of Soviet Union in the country, but Afghan’s resistance and unity was in the center of this success and victory. Therefore, the unity of Afghan people was the secret of this great victory. Although the Soviet Union army and their puppet government used the most cruel methods against Afghan people, the people of Afghanistan bravely kick them out from the country with their strong faith, unity and commitment to their land and culture.The people of Afghanistan had a similar experience under leadership of King Amanullah Khan Ghazi when they unitedly stood against British power. Although Amanullah Khan Ghazi entered an unequal war with British power, the national personality of Amanullah Khan had united the whole people against superpower of time to leave the country. Given to this experience and political sociology of the country, the enemies of Afghanistan are aware that Afghanistan is the graveyard of emperors and Afghan people are undefeatable if they get united. Therefore, they use any sinister tools and ways to divide the people of Afghanistan to various ethnic, religious and language groups. In recent years, they carried out multiple attacks on certain ethnic group killing innocent civilians including worshipers, students and even new born babies to inflame the sectarian war and divisions in the country but fortunately the people of Afghanistan know who are behind such inhuman actions.
As a second lesson that could learn from 26th of Dalaw and Soviet Union defeat was their unilateral aggression and withdrawal from Afghanistan. Without any legitimate pretext they attacked on Afghanistan and then irresponsibly went back to their country which eventually led to civil war in the country. Yesterday, president Ghani also referring to this point said, “The irresponsible and unplanned withdrawal of the Soviet Union troops caused the civil war in Afghanistan”. Now, given to these historic lessons and experience, the withdrawal of international forces should be decided on the basis of mutual interests as their presence was decided on basis of mutual agreement with Afghan people. They must note that any unilateral actions and decisions about peace and war of the country could create distance between the people of Afghanistan and international allies. Unfortunately, this distance has already created in recent years. Based on the agreements with international community and United States, they should have seriously taken part in protection and support of Afghanistan and Afghan people but the indifferences and marginalization of Afghan government and people in recent years have disappointed the people of Afghanistan.Accordingly, the politician and government of Afghanistan need to learn from the post Soviet Union aggression mistakes which made by Jehadist parties. Instead of establishing parties on basis of political thoughts and ideas, the political parties were established on the basis of race and religion. The political geography of the country was divided on basis of race and religious tendencies such as central area, southern area and northern area. The southern area belonged to Pashtun parties; the central area belonged to Tajic and Uzbek parties and the central area belonged to Hazara movement parties. Each of this party either struggled for omission of others or they were reactionary movements in the nature. As a result, the monopolistic views and privatization of politics not only paved the ground for civil war and inferences of regional and international community in the country, but also cultivated a deep hatred and divisions in the country with destroying everything in the country.Now that thirty two years has passed from withdrawal of the Soviet Union, we have not learnt enough from the past mistakes. The insurgent groups use the similar method which was used by the communist party in Afghanistan. Thousands of elites were collectively killed during the Soviet Union regime while the same groups of people are mysteriously targeted in the country now.  According to experts, the enemies of Afghanistan have commenced target killings to silence the awakening and inspiring voices in the country while during the Soviet Union was also used the same strategy to silence the people and pave the way for their domination in the country.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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