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Interim Setup: Collapse of the System and Retuning to the Past


Interim Setup: Collapse of the System  and Retuning to the Past

the plan for an interim government is an issue that has been raised by some Afghan politicians time and again; They believe an interim government is the only setup to break the deadlock in the peace process.
Who has caused the deadlock?
The US and Taliban Peace Agreement has given too many incentives for Taliban. As the Trump’s Administration considered outstanding progress in bringing Taliban to the negations table as a means of their victory in the US presidential election, they made a big mistake by giving too much incentives to the Taliban.
In fact, the US-Taliban peace agreement made the Taliban and the specific countries that support Taliban to think they can revive the Emarat system now.
According to the international and national sources, Taliban have been emboldened by the provisions of the peace agreement. Releasing Taliban prisoners and reduction of violence were two major parts of the agreement.
Afghanistan government insisted on violence reduction, but Taliban wanted the government to release about 5000 prisoners before they reduce the violence.
Ultimate, Afghanistan government released the Taliban prisoners under the US pressure and pressure of public opinion.
However, most of the Taliban prisoners have joined the fighters and some of them have been captured by ANSDF.
The irresponsible withdrawal of the Soviet Union and collapse of Njibullah’s Regime has thought Afghans many lessons.
In order to prevent another civil war in Afghanistan, the Afghan president shall only hand power, through the will of the people, to his elected successor.
This is crucial to enable us to both honor the sacrifice of Afghan civilians, activists, and others. 
If not so we will lose our strong political and social capacity, a goal that our enemies pursue to reach their nefarious designs.
Establishment of the Emarat under the Name of the Islamic State
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was the most totalitarian Islamic state established in 1996 in Afghanistan. Under Islamic Emarate of Afghanistan people were treated unequally and religion, ethnic and gender based discrimination was common.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been one of the worst governance systems that Afghans have experienced.
Many observers believe Taliban have no authority and power of decision making; They only do what others, order them to do. One of the issues about Taliban is the dual citizenship of the them. They are also silent about the ongoing relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Taliban insist on the alteration of the Afghanistan current constitution, while it is the most Islamic constitution in the world, and a people-oriented document that can address the needs of all.
But, the Taliban do not recognize it as an Islamic document. While the Taliban insist on a complete change of the political system, the majority of Afghans who have grown in the post-Taliban era and that the only thing they remember from the group is their violence in recent years.
The question that raises here is how these people can trust Taliban and expect peace and prosperity from them? At the same time, how the the United States and international community who have a vital interest in preserving the many political, economic, and security gains that have been achieved in Afghanistan since 2001 can trust Taliban while the group has maintained its relations with Al-qaeda and other terrorist groups against the US-Taliban agreement?
The revival of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan under the Islamic State of Afghanistan leads to resurgence of the Taliban insurgency that can once again turn Afghanistan into a terrorist safe haven.
Moreover, internal instability in Afghanistan could have larger regional ramifications as Pakistan, India, Iran, and Russia all compete for influence in Kabul and with subnational actors.
Interim government in Afghanistan means returning to the past and it is a plan to overthrow the Republic System.
As a result, Afghans shall consolidate their political and national unity to reach a dignified peace.
Preservation of the current political system and Afghanistan constitution ensures sustainable peace and stability.
If the current peace process leads to Liquidation of the current system and constitution, it will fuel another round of civil war in Afghanistan; Because it will force the people to accept the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan that neither Afghan people want it nor the international community and regional countries accept it.

Sakhi Rezaie is the permanent writer of the Daily OutlookAfghanistan. He can be reached at sakhi2007@gmail.com

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