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Are Security Officials and Others Alive in Afghanistan?


Are Security Officials and Others Alive  in Afghanistan?

Unfortunately, Afghanistan has become the slaughterhouse of human and humanity. No day is begun and ended without bloodshed and carnage of humans and humanity in Afghanistan. Yesterday, a video was circulating in media showing that two bloodied children were over the lifeless body of their mother crying and screaming to get up! A similar event happened earlier when a newborn baby and several mothers who were giving birth at a maternity hospital were targeted and killed by crazy terrorist groups. Accordingly, dozens of students were killed in the educational centers and sports club but now the terrorist groups have begun to demonstrate their atrocity and success in Kabul roads and streets. Unbelievably, none of these tragedies woke up the security officials and the claimants of humanitarianism and Muslim brotherhood in Afghanistan.
The terrorist events become so regular as if there is no security system, no humanity, and no one responsible to protect the citizens. Everyone is surprised why such successive tragedies cannot impel the security officials and the claimants of humanitarianism and also the Muslim world do something in this country.  If we see at social media networks, many citizens ask where the securities officials are.  What they are doing in Afghanistan? Where is the United Nation? Where are humanitarian organizations? And where are the Muslim countries that do not hear the voice of kids who are screaming over the lifeless bodies of their mother? Is humanity dead?  If these events, especially yesterday’s event cannot shake them, what would shake them? Of course, Instead of giving tiring and ridiculous condolences, they must take action and show their will against terrorism which is their legal and moral responsibility?
Undoubtedly, the people heard so many words and promises, but in practice, they saw the reversed outcome. The peace talks and ridiculous condolences are meaningless anymore without showing decisive will in the protection of civilians in Afghanistan. The people are isolated in their homes because of violence and regular explosions in the road and streets of Kabul city and other large cities of the country. If the government does not take immediate action, it will have very unpleasant consequences for the government and the claimant of humanitarianism in the country.  Given the high level of public dissatisfaction and given the rise of violence, the beds are becoming ready for the enemy of Afghanistan to mobilize people against the government and the international community. The recent extremist expressions of Mawlawi Ansari can be considered as starting point of such movements. We must note that there are many elements of ignorant and cheap forces to be exploited for sabotage of social and political insecurity in the country. The traders and investors already compelled to leave the country while the brain drain also inevitable. Availing the opportunity, the enemies of the security will also circulate rumors to inflict its last psychological blow on the lives of people to end the minimum legitimacy government, as well.
The security forces must be warned that the people’s silence against these crises is not because of their satisfaction from the performance of security forces and international allies but because their voices are not heard. In fact, they are fully disappointed by all stakeholders of conflicts including the government, international allies, and also Taliban with their supporters.  They are disappointed by the government because of its chronic inability against terrorism, corruption, poverty, and so on, despite spending huge amount of fiscal and none-fiscal resources of the country. They are disappointed from the international community because their presence and their agreement with Taliban have not changed the conditions of the country and they have not acted upon their mutual commitment with the people and government of Afghanistan. The people are disappointed by Taliban and Taliban-supporting countries because they target innocent civilians who have no role in the conflicts. And eventually, the people of Afghanistan and history will never forget those who indifferent against And eventually, the people of Afghanistan and history will never forget those who are indifferent against everyday violence in these hard days of the country.
The terrorists and their supporters must also note that neither it is possible to build a system on the ocean of blood and civilian massacre, nor they are able to impose any puppet system on Afghan people by force.  It is nearly two decades that thousands of civilians and non-civilians have been killed in the country, but no one has reached their goal and demand by killing innocent people and destruction of public properties. If the Taliban is really committed in Islamic values, they must understand that killing innocent infants and people is the greatest crime in Islam. If the Taliban is really Afghan, they must not be misused by any intelligence networks against their land and people. If they do not believe in these values, at least they must understand that no group can reach their goals by killing innocent children, men, and women. No group can dominate the heart of people by attacking mosques, schools, civilian homes, cars, markets, and public properties.
According to experts, there are various reasons behind the failure of security forces and indifferences of security officials such as lack of intelligence information, lack of rule of law, lack of technical equipment and facilities, lack of security cameras in the city, lack of scanners at the gates of Kabul and security checkpoints inside the city, lack of skills and ability security forces how to detect explosives and terrorists inside Kabul. Therefore, police and other task forces are unable to do their minimum responsibility which is ensuring the security of the country. So, it is high time and opportunity for the government to show its serious face against insecurity and its factors such as corruption, connection, and other weakness.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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