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Who Are Responsible Against the Rising Violence in Afghanistan?


Who Are Responsible Against the Rising Violence in Afghanistan?

Yesterday, once again the large cities of Afghanistan colored with the blood of Afghan civilians. Several successive explosions shocked the heart of Kabul and Heart city with the tense of killing and nearly 65 other injuries altogether in both cities.  Sadly, the victims of the incident included women, children, passengers, and other ordinary people. Most of the houses and properties which were located close to the explosions were also collapsed down. The blind and cruel attacks have not only inflicted a financial blow to the innocent civilian settlements but also added to the civilian’s causalities. Based on local reports, yesterday two children were rescued from under the destroyed houses as a result of the bomb explosion while no one knows how many remained under the destroyed houses. Unfortunately, this is the story of every day in Afghanistan with an estimated average of 75 victims while the season of war has not started yet.
In fact, this is the sad story of nearly twenty years with the presence of the international community and humanitarian organizations that neither the terrorist groups are tired of killing civilians and nor the political stakeholders are getting tired of watching this bloodshed scene. The ones who are really tired of this trend are the poor people of Afghanistan, but when they implore the terrorists and terrorist backers with showing good-will to gun down, they face further violence and killing of men, women, and children. The government is also, instead of protecting people, is busy in ethnic and language games. Instead of stepping forward towards state-building, coexistence, and national unity, it adds 54 more ethnic gaps in the country through ID cards. Instead of fighting against terrorism, it repeats ridiculous and tiring condolence to the already tired people. Actually, everyone is surprised how shameless, indifferent, and weak politicians they are!
Instead of showing their braveness on the battlefield, the security officials show its braveness behind the loudspeakers and media microphones. In spite of these many bloodsheds and killings and everyday killings, recently the Interior Minister Gen. Massoud Andarabi in an interview with the Associated Press said that Afghan security forces are capable of holding their positions even if US troops withdraw.“The Afghan security forces are fully capable of defending the capital and the cities and the territories that we are present in right now,” he said as media report quoted. “We think that the Afghan security forces this year have proven to the Taliban that they will not be able to gain territory.” The insurgent has nearly occupied everywhere with everyday shedding civilians blood but the security officials are playing with words.
Unfortunately, the claimants of human rights also perform their humanitarian responsibilities by watching the civilian deaths and seeing how parts of women and children’s bodies are spreading around as a result of bomb explosions. No matter what political demands the terrorist groups have, they have no right to launch such deadly attacks on civilians. No matter what political differences and disagreements are there between the government and its allies, they should not keep silent against this level of violence and crimes in Afghanistan. Undoubtedly, no reason would decline the responsibility of government, international allies, and even the Muslim world against this degree of violence and crimes against humanity.
Accordingly, the Taliban and its supporters cannot exculpate themselves from these many crimes in the country. They must understand that no friendship, no interests, no state, and no peace will be built on the ocean of blood and civilian massacre. They must understand that nothing can justify these cruel deeds and bloodshed in the country. They must note that any types of attacks on civilians are attacks on peace, negotiation, and humanity. The peace talks and sweet promises are meaningless without ceasefire or protection of civilians such as children, men, and women.

 The Taliban and Taliban supporters must note that it is nearly two decades that thousands of civilians and non-civilians have been killed in the country, but no one has reached their goal and demand by killing innocent people and destruction of public properties. If the Taliban is really committed in Islamic values, they must understand that killing innocent people is the greatest crime in Islam. If the Taliban is really Afghan, they must not be misused by any intelligence networks against their land and people. If they do not believe in these values, at least they must understand that no group can reach their goals by killing innocent children, men, and women. If they have no role in these crimes, they help the government and people in punishing these cruel criminals. Undoubtedly, no group can dominate the heart of people by attacking mosques, schools, civilian homes, cars, buses, and public properties. In general, we all are responsible for these many crimes and violence but the governments and international community who are here to fight against terrorists are more responsible. The Taliban and Taliban supporters are directly or indirectly responsible for civilian causalities in the country. Pakistan as a Muslim country should prove its good-will as a brother and neighbor country as we consider it as a second home for Afghan people. No matter what political problem remained unsolved between the two countries, it has no right to support the cruel groups to kill ordinary and innocent civilians in the country. Afghan people repeatedly asked the government of Afghanistan to consider all legitimate concerns of Pakistan in the account. Afghan people and government also ensure everyone including Pakistan that no one is allowed to threaten our brothers and sister in Pakistan from Afghanistan’s soil. Therefore, no one should behave or consider it as its colony in its foreign policy.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail com.

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