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Hatred and Atrocity not Lead Us to Freedom


Hatred and Atrocity not  Lead Us to Freedom

This century will be remembered as a century, marked by violence and devastation. It burdens us with the consequence of mass destruction, of perpetual violence inflicted on an extent never seen and never possible before in human history. The day-to-day violence and bloodshed only brought us devastation and suffering. The aftermath set us on the state of suppression, cruelty, atrocity, and took away the human dignity and compassion.
There is no love of humanity or mercy in the hearts of today’s stubborn men toward each other. The killing of innocent and helpless men, women, and children are justified to be a natural law of justice, only for the sake of acquiring their evil objectives, under the name of religion or so. They have violated the principles of human life. The greed has poisoned their souls and left us steeped into misery and bloodshed.
The ongoing bleeding circumstances in the world, particularly in the Middle East demonstrate the fact that the perpetual killing is increasing disputes among the leading world powers. The absence of a clear and comprehensible vision for the future of the world-order with natural justice has become part of our day-to-day life.
It has burdened the children with pain who are abused by people who should protect them. Women are abused persistently and humiliated by violent perpetrators who claim to have respect for women rights. Youth who are recognized to be the future of a nation are misleading with violence and broken future.
Lust and selfishness have pushed them into the deepest state of perpetuate killing of innocence. No political parity is willing to play a compromising role to establish a platform for advocating peace, instead of destructions, security instead of violence, stability, instead of backwardness and promote a promising fundamental human rights so that humankind could live, not only struggles for their survival.
No one feels safe in any part of the country. Violence and bloodshed left us all more vulnerable and marginalized. The consequences affected not only us, but also the new generations. They learn from the violence of generations past, as victims learn from victimizers and as the social conditions that nurture violence are allowed to continue. No country, city, community is immune of this paralyzing phenomenon. Violence thrives in the absence of a promising democracy, respect for fundamental human rights, a promising law enforcement agencies, and good governance.
The world powers have become so much dedicated to developing destructive weapons for the annihilation of humankind, instead of focusing on building schools and hospitals or fighting against today’s paralyzing crises. Men became so cruel that willing to drop bomb which they know that can annihilate human by thousands from age-to-age. The greed to ruling the powerless and most marginalized people has become the only concept for today’s so-called modern men.
In a true human community, however, people take pity on the unfortunate and modifying wrongs by means other than taking lives. Both sides are poised to slaughter one another, believing that by such means can solve the problems of the world, but unaware of the painful consequences that burdened the powerless and most marginalized civilians.
Such violent situation across the world undermines our efforts to work together effectively in addressing modern challenges and threats posed by the so-called modern men. It is no surprise that the terrorist and extremist groups are cunningly taking advantage of the present political vacuum and fierce opposition between world and regional powers in order not to insinuate their presence, but also to show their ability to directly influence the world situation.
The current situation in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan is best suited for them to put into operation their evil plans of sectarian, religious, and political violence. Perhaps, now they are up to such practice of evil in the Middle East and reached throughout the European societies, which recently rocked Paris.
Perhaps, it would be a very strange statement to make because the whole world is massed up with hatred and atrocity. The world is becoming sick and our societies are in great trouble, surrendered with perpetual confusion all around. Somehow, it is certain that the stars become visible, only when it is dark enough but do not worry; the footprints will turn walking to their doorsteps when the sunshines and their masses will certainly rise up.
The misery that now we are going through, will pass by and the culprits will die with shameful history. The greed and bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress will be denounced. The hatred being posed upon us will pass and brutal men will disappear. They freedom to live with peace and solidarity that they took from the people, shall bear no fruits.
In fact, the way of life with love and compassion can be worth celebrating, but men have lost that way completely. People are living across the borders claim that the bleeding circumstances in any part of the world is none of their business and say that they are going crazy. The fact is, the chaos of the world today affects all of us, either directly or indirectly. Injustice and senseless killing of innocent people must be stopped any ways.
Hatred and atrocity will not lead us to freedom. Killing others can only lead to be killed. If we are to be harmoniously united with one another, we should act out of mutual compassion toward each other and accept our responsibility toward this suffering world. To return hate for hate does nothing, but intensify the existence of evil in the universe.
The perpetrators must borrow sense enough and faith enough to cut off the chain of hatred and evil posing on innocent civilians. Following peaceful paths can lead us toward a new world order, a decent world that will give men a chance to work, that will give youth a bright future to rise and old age a security and peace of mind.
Now is the time, to move from talks to the course of actions against this bleeding situation. We have had lots of talks, but no devotion to make them happen, instead burdened ourselves with further miseries. We must find new ways to speak for peace for all faith and for justice throughout the universe and free ourselves and our societies of such devastating circumstances. If we do not act now, we shall surely be dragged down the long, dark, and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion, might without morality and strength without sight.
The solution to the ongoing human suffering is not killing one another. Leaving innocent people in cold-blooded will not bring us comfort and satisfaction. To love and accept others around us, entitled with any name, color, religion, tribe, faith, and background are the only principles that all faiths encourage to own. To do away with greed, with hate and intolerance! Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where everyone feels safe, a world where killing of innocents in the name of religion or so stops, a world where we could live a life with dignity, honor, justice and free from all kinds of violence and miseries.
The contemporary so-called civilization is waiting eagerly for the day when the pain, miseries, and devastation end forever. We hope for the day when the witnesses can be absolved of the requirement to recount the loss to the society and the dove of peace, prosperity ends the suffering of black chapters of history and the witnessing of pain ends and the illustrious notes of happiness, and glory and magnificence takes its shape. In fact, those black days of conflicts and hatred have given us nothing without painful miseries and devastation.

Abdul Samad is the emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at outlookafghanistan@gmai.com

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