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Taliban’s Military Victory is a dream than will Never Come True


Taliban’s Military Victory is a dream than will  Never Come True

It has been a while since the Taliban have increased their attacks all across the country and are making a special effort to seize political power and set up an Islamic Emirate through military action. The announcement of the US-withdrawal-schedule has given too much motivation and courage to them. Since then, they have doubled their attacks to expand their control all over Afghanistan.
This understanding of the US-withdrawal-schedule is too shallow, unrealistic, and wrong and does not have root in reality. Two very important internal and external realities have been neglected in this comprehension: the people’s demand and the preference of the regional and international political players involved in the war and peace in Afghanistan.
The people’s demand means the people’s political preference. Taliban’s thoughts and their favorite political system are not popular among the people. The Islamic Emirate, the Taliban’s ideal type of political system, is too old and ineffective to meet the people’s modern and diverse demands in the twenty first century. Afghan people have a huge amount of bad memories of the Islamic Emirate. They remember nothing but a very dark age when they hear the name of the Islamic Emirate. In other words, the Islamic Emirate means a difficult time, a time when the people were the slaves of a system where the citizens’ life and dignity did not value. 
The second point which is absent in the Taliban’s understanding of the status quo and the announcement of the US-withdrawal-schedule from Afghanistan is the regional and international political players’ preference. Every understanding of the current situation in Afghanistan is deemed to failure if the regional and international political players’ preference is not considered and calculated. The key role of these players in war and peace of the country is as obvious as their support of the current political system. In parallel to increasing war and violence, the diplomats of the countries involved in Afghanistan’s affairs have clarified that they never want the Taliban return to political power with the idea of setting up an Islamic Emirate. Even Pakistan, a main supporter of the Taliban, has announced that establishing an Islamic the Emirate by Taliban is unacceptable.
The reality is that the current political system of Afghanistan is the result of the people’s sacrifices at the first step, and the financial and military support of the international community at the second step. The international community, especially the United States of America, has paid too much to establish a democratic political system in Afghanistan. The regional and international political players’ giving up is not compatible with any political rationality and substitution of the current political system with the Islamic Emirate will cost much too the international community. 
Therefore, the Islamic Emirate is a tight cloth that is not fit for the body of the current realities of the country. In the absence of any support by the people and the international community, the Taliban’s victory is just a vain hope and is a dream that will never come true. The current political system is the winner of the competition with the Islamic Emirate. Democracy has changed to a key demand and priority of the Afghans and they will protect the democratic achievements of their country.

Sattar Soroush is an emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at sattar.soroush2016@gmail.com

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