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What Is Going On in the Areas Under the Domination of Taliban?


What Is Going On in the Areas  Under the Domination of Taliban?

Although access to accurate and comprehensive information from the areas under the control of the Taliban is not easy, the new technology such as mobile phones, social media networks, and public media does not allow today’s rulers to hide their deeds and behaviors. Tracing the daily local news, it is emblematized that Afghanistan has practically divided into separate two parts: Afghanistan under the domination of Emirate rulers, and Afghanistan under the control of Republican rulers. In Afghanistan under the control of republican rulers, there is a relative democracy, freedom of expression, freedom of women, human rights, public and administrative services with implementing some developmental projects, but it abounds with insecurity, crimes, and corruption. In the contrast, In Afghanistan under the control of the Taliban, there is no democracy, no freedom of expression, and no freedom of women, no respect to human rights, no public, and administrative services, and no developmental projects but relatively less insecurity, crimes, and corruption.
In regard to human rights and women’s freedom, the local news indicates that the Taliban does not allow unmarried women to leave their homes.  The Taliban force women work separately in case they work in any public offices and must wear chadors.  For example, today Etilaatroz quoted a report from local a source that the price of women’s chadors in Takhar province has raised from 400 Afghanis to 1,600Afghanis. In some parts of Bulkh province, the women were whipped because of not wearing chadors. In one case in Takhar province, the owner of the jewelry shop was punished because they sold gold to women without chador or without a man companion. In addition to these, in recent days a number of Takhar representatives told a news conference in Kabul that the Taliban had asked each family to marry one of their girls to the Taliban. Etilaatroz also endorsed the act by quoting a report from Mohammad Yaqub Nazari, a member of the Takhar Provincial Council, as if the Taliban had made such a request from parts of Takhar province.
In addition to enacting restrictive condition on women, the Taliban has also enacted some limitations on men. They warned the youths in Takhar province not to wear sports clothes during playing football but to wear the usual clothes (Parahan and tanban). They also forced men to attend five times worship in the mosques.  the people under the domination of the Taliban also complain that the Taliban fighters assemble in a mosque or home ordering people to provide them food. It is said that in one case after a family cooked them foreign frozen chicken, the Taliban put the caretaker of the family in prison because they offered them foreign meat. So, the people under the domination of the Taliban are increasingly under pressure.  On one hand, the people are under pressure of poverty and drought as the government has already announced severe drought in 25 provinces of the country. On the other hand, the Taliban pressurize people in one way or another. Nevertheless, some of the neighboring countries have recently begun to justify the Taliban’s behaviors, but the local news and the people under the domination of this group reveal shocking news about the deeds and behavior of the Taliban. They say there are no changes between the current Taliban and the Taliban of the 1990s and so its ideology is incompatible with the main achievements and foundations of the republic system.
The next problem in the area under the control of the Taliban is the stoppage of public and administrative services. The development projects have entirely stopped while the Taliban has no ability and no enthusiasm to fill the gaps of the government in case of providing administrative and public services. The Taliban not only do not provide public services but also destroys public facilities. Recently, the government officials announced that the Taliban had imposed millions of losses on the country by the destruction of public facilities such as public roads, schools, clinics, and bridges. In some places, they have not only ignited public buildings but also private shops and homes using them as war front. As a result, thousands of families migrated to urban areas, and now most of these families have pitched tents in public areas such as roads, crossroads, and parks with women and children without access to basic living requirements.
By and large, given the blessing of today’s technology no rulers are able to hide their deeds and behaviors. The daily complaints and reports show that no notable changes are seen in the political ideology of the Taliban. The Taliban still enforce thier strict interpretation of Islam in areas under its control that had been enforced in the 1990s. Nevertheless, Recently, Zabihullah Mujahid told one of the local media that the Taliban has a good relationship with the people under their domination. Mojahed said that some of the documents spread about the restrictions of women are fake and pertained to the government’s propaganda and rumors while those who have deep recognition from the Taliban have frequently warned that the Taliban use peace talks as a deceitful tactic to reach power and topple the current system. They believe it will be a fantasy to think that the Taliban change their ways and truly negotiate about the ceasefire and modern values of the political system. For example, Hafiz Mansoor, few months ago, urged that the Taliban with its narrow and dark mentalities has no merit to lead the country as they act as just as a tool of regional countries against the US presence in Afghanistan. So, the Taliban’s ultimate objective is to remove the current Islamic Republic and replace it with their Islamic Emirate.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail com.

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