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Why not Asians First and Lead


Why not Asians First and Lead
Exclusive for the Daily Outlook

There are many reasons why Asians first and lead. Human history has shown the fact and is a concert evidence that human race has been originated in Asia. Asians are the most powerful human character in all terms compared competitively with other continents population. Asia has been the largest inhabitant of human kind from very beginning up to now. The human kind is distributed to other parts of the world from Asia. If we see in terms of population only the number of people live in India is greater than the overall population live in Europe and USA.

The intellectual property which India poses is incredible. The human resources of the Europe and USA are being supplied by Indians. The largest provider is again Asia in particular china and Japan is exporting the products and services to all over the world. The natural resources are again supplied by Russia to whole Europe and to USA from Middle East countries.

The economically viable and vibrant countries like Japan, China, Russia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and several other Asian states can come together and establish a union to speak their voice as a single voice in community of nations to protect their common interests for their own individual national interests.
Weak debate, poor power of dialogue, feeble diplomacy and dim politics all together have adversely affected the Asian countries to suffer and loose unquantifiable amount of growth rate in the last centuries and incurring much more in the upcoming decades.

The quality of living standard which is bestowed to the Asians due to their frictions among themselves has made them to migrate to other parts of the global village and seeking better livelihood. The light which is lighting others home has turned them to live in darkness.
Main capital resources similar to natural, intellectual, goods and services which are exported by Asians and utilized at the optimum level by other continents have enabled them to lead us in reverse order.

Rule and Divide formula is an old phenomena but it's a never ending tool which is used to strengthen the dividers to drive and rule back the dividends. It's an unethical tool since it delivers back the expected outcomes with scare resources within the sat timetable. Therefore, it is being used by rich nations to remain rich for coming centuries. Asians never let your wisdom go away from you, if so, you are looser, but resistance chance and power is there for you if you really think and try to Unit Asian nations.

This unity doesn't only bring harmony but it also brings many competitive economical, Social and political advantages to Asian's continent. Hey, Asians Why not you, from you, for you. Take the lead and give it a go, results will chase you all wherever you are.

The writer is a freelance columnist based in London.

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