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World Order After Osama


World Order After Osama

The incident of 9/11 initiated a considerable change in the world order that was supposed to proceed smoothly after the end of Cold War. Francis Fakuyama, soon after the disintegration of Soviet Union had prognosticated the New World Order to be peaceful and rather boring. He had speculated that in New World Order Democracy would marry Capitalism and human beings would move towards prosperity and development. Samuel P.

Huntington, another writer on New World Order presented the hypothesis that the world order would be dominated by clash of civilizations – the conflict among various cultural units would dominate the flow of events in international scenario. But, the incident of 9/11 shattered their hopes and the world started moving around the different manifestations of terrorism. As the incident of 9/11, the crafted conspiracy of Osama bin Ladin, had changed the world in the same manner his death has marked, at least theoretically, a gigantic change in the world order.

The questions asked after his death, if repeated, would be an overemphasis, but one among all that must be overemphasized is, "Does the death of Osama change the world order?" For many of the thinkers the answer is positive as they see the end of the war on terror that America had started in pursuit of Osama. And one can also witness that the inclination of public opinion is in the favor of America drawing back her forces from Afghanistan. Further, literally as well, that ends the revenge story – Osama bombed America, had an adventurous escape, was searched vigorously and at last found and put to death. But it seems more like an interesting Hollywood movie, with the characters living happily ever after at the end.

In fact, the death of Osama does not alter the course of world order to a much extent. It, in no way concludes that the ugly manifestations of terrorism suffocate and reach to their final destiny. Still in many parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan there are militant groups that have to disseminate their part of terror. Even with the absence of Osama, there have been many incidents of terrorism that have taken the lives of thousands of innocent people on both sides of the border. Terrorism or precisely, "Al-Qaidaism" does not die with Osama.

It has gained the status of an institution albeit an ugly one. In addition, it must also be kept in mind that the way in which Osama was living did not, in any way, qualify him to be the operational chief of Al- Qaida. Rather, it seemed as if he was having a rest after a tiresome and life time achievement. Furthermore, he was secluded and had no dominantly evident connections with Al-Qaida and Taliban who are operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This also happens to be one of the key reasons behind incapacity of Pakistani Intelligence to locate him at a short distance from the most reputable Military Academies in Abbotabad, that produces the military leadership in Pakistan and where almost 5000 cadets are trained daily.

American Authorities also claim that the concerned authorities in Pakistan are not doing much to keep their promise of participating actively in the War against Terrorism. Pakistan Intelligence Agency claim to have provided certain clues regarding the presence of an important Al-Qaida leader in Abbotabad but it also stands out to be a dominant fact that they did not have even the slightest clue that Osama was resting in that mansion. The life style of Osama during the last few years of his life has been so quiet and secluded that even the neighbors can not even imagine that Osama was living there. So many of them are shocked at the news. Therefore, it can be easily concluded that Osama had lost the active leadership of Al-Qaida and Taliban and was no more than a symbolic figure, while Al-Qaida and Taliban were still active without his involvement.

It can be mentioned without a tinge of doubt that the hunt of Osama is an imperative achievement but in order to divert the course of World Order away from terrorism only achievements on operational level are not sufficient. Realization of Talibanization and Al-Qaidaism as processes and institutions must be made and extensive measures must be carried out to nip the evil in the bud. It must be comprehended without any ambiguity that the social and traditional patterns in Afghanistan and the bordering areas of Pakistan are structured in such a way that can spawn Talibanization easily. Economic hardships, Illiteracy, religious extremism, rigid traditional values, and tribal norms are the factors that are multiplying the number of militants and furthering the cause of terror and terrorism. Even they are turning into a valuable market for those who have ill intentions of spreading terror.

These are the objective facts which must be put in mind while dealing with the issue of Talibanization. Military expeditions must be considered temporary options and measures should be carried out on strategic level to put an end to this menace. Equipping Afghans and Pakistanis with latest weapons and extensive trainings are fine but these are not the ultimate options for the war against terrorism. The power structure in remote areas on both sides of the border that generate militants must be comprehended fully and a proper movement that has the tendency to deal with all the complexity of the situation should be launched. The governments of both the countries should be assisted with the intentions of making them capable of curbing Talibanization in addition to making them capable of fighting the militants.

Even the term "War against Terrorism" must be replaced with "Movement against Terrorism" or something more suitable. The socio-economic and socio-political realities must be addressed with true and pure intentions. The basic intention of the endeavors in this regard should be marked with solution oriented perspectives and most importantly the war against terrorism must not be utilized as a political issue just to fulfill personal gains by the ruling elite in Pakistan, Afghanistan and America. And all these countries should further strengthen their cooperation in the movement against terrorism and should in no way leave a leakage for Talibanization to flourish.

As the World Order even after Osama is the same as was after the 9/11. The better part of the world still has to fight with those who support terror and spread it. The world has still a hard nut to crack in order to eradicate the very roots of terrorism. Since, still there are possibilities that many more Osama's are born and lead the current wave of terrorism.

The writer is a new growing columnist of the daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at sherzai@outlookafghanistan.com

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