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China’s Earthquake Reconstruction , Obtains Great Victory


China’s Earthquake Reconstruction , Obtains Great Victory

On May 12, 2008, an earthquake with the magnitude of 8.0 occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan province of China, causing enormous losses of life and property. After three years of reconstruction, however, the earthquake recovery and reconstruction has made significant achievements.

'Wenchuan Earthquake Reconstruction'
Since Wenchuan earthquakeÿChina has been in very difficult conditions and meanwhile has been suffering unprecedented global financial crisis and its severe impact. The Chinese government determined to increase post-disaster reconstruction support and accelerate the pace of reconstruction, rehabilitation and reconstruction funds invested a total of 1.0205 trillion RMB, of which, the central budget disaster recovery and reconstruction funds 302.6 billion RMB. It can be said that the main task of post-disaster restoration and reconstruction has been completed. "Post-Wenchuan Earthquake Restoration and Reconstruction Master Plan" proposed the basic goal of "every family has a room to live, every household has employment, everyone has the security, facilities have improved, economy has developed and ecology has improved". Now recovery and reconstruction has obtained a decisive victory.

'The successes of reconstruction are in the following areas.'
First, the housing conditions of urban and rural residents improved significantly. China insists on the restoration and reconstruction of housing reconstruction as a top priority. One year after the earthquake, earthquake damage repair and reinforcement was fully completed; one year and a half after the earthquake, the rural housing reconstruction was completed; two years after earthquake, the basic housing reconstruction was completed. Now, housing problems of the people in disaster areas have been properly addressed.

Second, the level of public services improved significantly. Not only the damaged schools, hospitals, but also a large number of social welfare institutions, nursing homes, community service centers, village centers and other public service facilities have been rebuilt. Third, security of infrastructure was significantly improved. Transportation, communications, energy, water conservancy and other infrastructure features are fully restored, a large number of long-term developments of major infrastructure projects have been completed. Fourth, the spiritual home has been re-synchronization.

The earthquake affected areas not only bring great losses of life and property, but also cause great psychological trauma to the people. In the reconstruction process, the implementation of psychosocial rehabilitation projects in China attached great importance to human care. It now appears that the people of the disaster area have been out of the shadow of the disaster, picking up life confidence again to show self-reliance and perseverance, optimistic, energetic and enterprising spirit. These changes in the spirit of the people are more precious and more significant. China is still a developing country. The Chinese people are striving for a better life and brighter future. The people of disaster stricken areas lost a lot, but with the support and help from the people of all of China, they are enjoying a happy life now. All the Chinese people will work with the people of disaster stricken areas together and continue to overcome all kinds of difficulties to courageously meet a more beautiful tomorrow. The Writer is the current Ambassador of the Republic of China to Afghanistan

The Writer is the current Ambassador of the Republic of China to Afghanistan

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