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Who is Scapegoat This Time?


Who is Scapegoat This Time?

For the last few decades international community is expressing its concerns about Pakistan's nuclear assets as well as the so-called strategic assets. During Musharaf's government, Pakistan was accused of selling nuclear technology to some Muslim countries. It was a hard time for Pakistan and the establishment could not oppose the report of international community. Consequently the renowned Pakistani nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was selected as the scapegoat to divert the attention of international community.

Though it was not possible that Dr. Qadir alone was responsible for selling nuclear technology or some nuclear parts but for the sake of the country he took the whole responsibility and saved many other characters of the story. Today again Pakistan is at crossroads but not because of nuclear smuggling but because of the presence of Osama Bin Laden in Abottabad – a city where Pakistan Army gives training to its young officers. International community including Russia and Pakistan's all times tested friend China have positive remarks about the death of Osama. But on the other side this incidence has again alienated Pakistan. The way Pakistan was unable to oppose the charges of smuggling of nuclear parts; similarly the present situation has also defamed Pakistan of playing dual game. Again Pakistan is not able to oppose the accusations designed by the international community.

However this time Pakistani establishment is unable to find the scapegoat. It is not easy to deny the presence of Osama in Abottabad. This time we don't see any Dr. Qadir who can take the entire responsibility on his shoulders to save Pakistan. Even the champions of Jihad are silent about the image of their beloved Pakistan and its establishment after the death of Osama in Abottabad. If on one side Dr. Qadir was the hero of Pakistan's nuclear program so on the other side in terrorism and Jihadi program we have dozens of official and non-official entities who always felt proud to be part of Afghan Jihad.

In the past we see that Osama did not sacrifice for the pure Islamic government of Taliban in Afghanistan and today Taliban are fighting guerilla war and their true Islamic government is the story of the past. If on one side Osama sacrificed the pure Islamic government of Taliban just to protect his own life similarly on the other side his death has created a lot of troubles for Pakistan - the true supporter of Jihad. Now someone who believes in Jihad movement and has a lot of respect for Pakistani Army must come forward like Dr. Qadir and take the responsibility of protecting Osama in Abottabad. Colonel Imam is no more to justify the protection of Osama and to take the responsibility.

But General (R) Hamid Gul, the uncrowned king of Jihad, can perform this holy task in a very professional way. He is famous for his untiring support of extremists. If he comes forward as the protector of Osama Bin Laden, it is hundred percent sure that the world will unquestionably believe it. As Dr. Qadir was not handed over to US for interrogation similarly Gen. Gul must not worry about his arrest or house arrest or American access to him. I am sure that Pakistan army will just use him for face saving. He speaks about Jihad and extremists very boldly. Does he have the courage now to save Pakistan like Dr. Qadir? Of course not! He will never agree for that. He has only encouraged others to take part in Jihad. I challenge that he will never agree for this holy task.

But really this time even scapegoat will not work to create positive environment for Pakistan army and ISI. We must not waste our time in finding the responsible people in army or intelligence. At present Pakistan is trying to hide behind the regional powers but we have seen that in Russia no agreement was signed. Only few memorandums were signed. President Zardari may well explain his isolation in Russia. It was not a warm welcome.

The presence of Osama near Pakistan army base has raised a lot of questions and now we have no other option left but to eliminate the terrorists from our own land. There is only one solution of face saving. We will have to now wash these stains from our clothes. Pakistan has always kept itself on one extreme. In the past we only sided with US and now all of a sudden we want to get closer to the regional powers. For six decades we worked for American interests and now it will be an illogical decision to separate ways. Pakistan must keep balance in its relations with different power centers. At present, no one is interested in listening our story.

The best option is to work with international community and eliminate terrorists. Then it can be hoped that regional powers will accept us on the platform of Shangai Cooperation Organization (SCO). But it should also be mentioned that the aspect that stops Pakistan from taking any action against Taliban is the US inclination towards Taliban in Afghanistan. US reconciliation with Taliban is a threat for Pakistan that compels it to take care of its strategic assets.

Farman Nawaz is a freelance Pakistani Columnist. He can be reached at farmannawaz@gmail.com

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