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The Real Heroes in Talibanized Society


The Real Heroes in  Talibanized Society

The real hero is the one whose death is mourned for decades. For instance the entire Pakistan was in shock for three days when Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in Rawalpindi. But it is a fact that very few people were discussing the death of Osama Bin Laden on May 4, the third day of his death.
Osama Bin Laden was considered a person who ruled the hearts of religious sects for almost two decades but he is now forgotten in two days. This is the difference between the genuine hero and a made-up hero. Presently the general masses in Pakistan are discussing the American attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan, the threat of similar attacks in future and Pak-US relationships. Few people have offered the funeral prayer of Osama Bin Laden but in reality these people only want to get the sympathies of religious circles. They have nothing to do with the fate of Osama and if someone claims that they really love Osama, it is my humble request to them that they should arrange a legal help for the family of Osama.

Everyday journalists, actors, social workers, soldiers, politicians and many others die here but only those people are remembered on national level who have direct effect on the lives of the people. Politicians are fortunate that people remember them as opposed to the fact that media and establishment have tried its best to defame the politicians. People are interested in solution of their problems of daily life. It is noticed that those politicians who take interest in solving their local and urgent problems are more successful as compared to the politicians who waste their time in discussing international issues. Similarly people have also rejected those TV anchors, who only criticize the politicians and in the end suggest no practical political solution of the problems.
Politicians though mostly corrupt, have the ability to appeal to the inner feelings of the masses while made-up heroes just concentrate on those topics which people only discuss for time pass. For example people mostly discuss the imaginary critical fate of USA, the stories of the bravery of ISI, the system of Talibanized Islam, the US, India and Israel nexus etc. But when these people meet with their political leaders, they ask for the solution of their problems like joblessness, schools, roads, hospitals and many more of the same category.

Taliban and Talibanized politicians and journalists are provoking people against the West and people also listen to them but practically most of the products we are using are made in West. Similarly most of our trade relations are also with Western countries. Our young people are eager to get admission in the Western universities. Our old generation also wishes to send their children to Western countries for education and jobs. These realities stop most of the people from protesting against the West. That is why the entities provoking the people against the West could not become the real and practical heroes of the time. These made-up heroes are just like the heroes of Fairy Tales who only help the parents to divert the attention of their children and to let them sleep in time. Once the children grow up the same fairy tale heroes do not get their attention.

Though these fairy tale heroes have no special importance in our lives and its proof is their inability to win seats in elections but still they are successful in the sense that they have stopped the people to think positively regarding international issues. These made-up heroes have made it difficult for us to convince the people for having friendly relations with our neighbors. Still our people have the mentality to capture Delhi and Kabul. Still our people even living in this modern age justify an armed struggle against Hindus, Jews and Christians. The promulgation of this concept in the society is the real victory of made-up heroes. For six decades we have friendly relations with China and the West but still Pakistan is a dependent country. This is the result of living in fairy tales and having no intention for reconciliation with our neighbors.

Our real heroes are failing in the sense that mainly they can not control the price hike. Though other problems like speedy justice, education, communication, health etc are also important but rising prices of commodities is the first indicator of bad governance. Made-up heroes too can not solve this problem immediately but it is very easy to target this area and then switch on to discussing international issues as common people can not judge, understand and criticize the solution presented by these fairy tale heroes. It is an easy way to talk loudly about international issues and to be part of news headlines.

The real heroes will have to bring a change in their way of politics. Concentrating on the problems of people can help in separating public from extremists and fundamentalists. Reconciliation among political parties is a new experience in Pakistani politics but in the end economic prosperity can only strengthen the real heroes. Otherwise made-up heroes will continue to misguide the general masses.
Farman Nawaz is a freelance Pakistani Columnist. He can be reached at farmannawaz@gmail.com

Farman Nawaz is a freelance Pakistani Columnist. He can be reached at farmannawaz@gmail.com

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