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Resetting the Targets


Resetting the Targets

Some recent incidents show that Pakistani religious circles have changed its stance about the role of Taliban. The two suicide attacks on Mollana Fazal ur Rehman of Jamiat Ullma-e-Islam (JUI) and an unexpected statement of Qazi Hussian Ahmad of Jamat-e-Islami about suicide attacks are the indicators of shift in the policy of Pakistani establishment. Last week Qazi Hussain Ahmad surprised everyone when he said, "suicide attacks cannot lead to Islamic revolution and extremists have defamed Islam". It is said that Qazi Hussain Ahmad is the Gorbachev of Jamat-e-Islami and this time again his statement shows a major shift in the policy of Jamat. Up till now Jamat did not criticize suicide attacks. They always justified suicide attacks as a reaction against the drone attacks.

As JUI and JI are considered the close allies of Pakistani establishment since Jihadi era, therefore this change in their stance is the indication of some inclination in the policy of Pakistan army. Though these parties sometimes issue such statements which apparently seem opposite to the stance of Pakistan army but in reality it is the inner voice of Pakistan army. For example up till now Pakistan army was not issuing any statement against Drone attacks but these parties from the beginning were against the Drone attacks. Now after Abbotabad operation Pakistan army also issued statements against Drone attacks.

May be it is my misperception but I have noticed that whenever there is any attack on military bases in Afghanistan, the next day a similar incident happens here in Pakistan too. Apparently it seems the planning of the same terrorist organization but in my opinion it is kind of tit for tat. According to analysts these attacks are designed by two different organizations working against one another. May be it's wrong but I think that if one attack is organized by Pakistan supported Taliban; the other attack is organized by American supported Taliban. For example an attack on military hospital in Afghanistan was balanced by an attack on Mehran base in Karachi. An attack on supreme police commander of the northern Afghanistan, Mohammad Daud Daud in Afghanistan was balanced by an attack in upper Dir.

Without any hesitation let me say that it is the war of agencies now. Though these agencies are not coming on the front but very soon I feel that these agencies will start propaganda against one another. During investigation of Mehran attack Pakistani agencies have narrated this perception that terrorists were only moving towards those buildings where Chinese officials were present and American engineers were totally ignored. Similarly the communication devices used by the terrorists are also in use of NATO forces in Afghanistan. Here I will point out one misconception. It is said the two attackers have not done circumcision but it must be clear that many Pakistani and Afghani tribal people too have no idea about circumcision. Therefore any doubt about foreign hand will divert our attention from the real culprits.

War against terror is now becoming a clash of interests. The terrorist organization once a threat for world security is now only a threat for this region. These hired assassins are now working for the agenda of local and international players. But it is a very grave situation that very few people are talking about this hidden game. It is hypocrisy of the media that it did not cover this aspect of the war on terror. In the past the media only highlighted the importance of Jihad. It did not bother to show the ugly face of war and mainly the Pakhtoon people killed in this so-called Holy war. Today again media is only highlighting the importance of elimination of terrorists but it is silent about the supporters of these terrorists. Media will have to tell the truth.

Some journalists are of the opinion that the perception I am promoting is not acceptable to serious circles but my question is that why it is not possible that even fighting for more than ten years against terrorists, terrorism is still standing like a strong rooted plant. How can we believe that terrorist organizations are working independently and they can continue this war without any hidden support?

It must be clear now that a new war is going to be imposed on the region after the death of Osama Bin Laden. The previous war on terror revolved around "Sincere America" and "Double game player - Pakistan". In the new war American has chosen the position for herself and now Pakistan will have to choose its position. Taliban has changed their stance by declaring Pakistan as their first enemy and US as the second. Actually even in the past Taliban were working on the same principle but now publicly they have announced. Now the ball is in Pakistan's court and it is a time for Pakistan to decide the fate of war on terror being the first target of Taliban.

It is very worrying that even liberal newspapers have too reservations about operation in North Waziristan. It is a common fear here in Pakistan that US wants to destabilize Pakistan by engaging it in North Waziristan. If US is really sincere in eliminating terrorism then she will have to satisfy Pakistan before the operation and let me say it very clearly that first US will have to help Pakistan to crush Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Otherwise Pakistan will never agree for operation against Afghani Taliban.

Farman Nawaz is a freelance Pakistani Columnist. He can be reached at farmannawaz@gmail.com

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